Will Drew Brees Return To The Field After His Ankle Injury

Drew Brees Injury Update

As Drew Brees has returned from an ankle sprain, he is still considered “day to day” by the Saints. He will be monitored closely as he works to increase the strength and mobility of his right foot. If he does not begin practicing on a limited basis, or if his injury is severe, then it may be difficult for him to return this season.

Know More About The Injur

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Since his ankle sprain in Week 5 against the Giants, Drew Brees has been able to practice but has not been able to participate in any of the team’s games. During his absence, coach Sean Payton has not announced whether or not he would be available for the remaining eight regular season games. If he does miss more than a few weeks, then he will have to start making contingency plans in order to make sure that he can continue to play in the playoffs. Right now, it appears like the team is more concerned with protecting their playoff hopes than they are with Drew Brees.

Review From The Coach Sean Payton

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Coach Sean Payton said at his press conference on Wednesday that he expected Drew Brees to start practicing this week, and there is a good chance that he could be ready to play in the Saints’ last four regular season games. There are a few things that have to be watched closely though, including how Drew Brees does with his foot while on the field.

As far as the injury update, it looks like Drew has been very limited with his activity. He is not able to do much running or throwing, but has been able to take part in individual drills on a running back and tight end. He has done well in one of these drills, which was an exercise known as the “underhand toss”. He is not able to get his entire body out there, but he is able to throw the ball on both hands at a good throw.

For the most part, it looks like the injury update has been relatively minor and nothing more. Drew has not missed a game since Week 3 of the 2020 season, which is one of the best careers in the history of football. He will most likely miss one more game this season because of the ankle injury, but it is not expected to be too long or to be too serious.

Predicting Drew’s Comeback

Even if Drew does not play the rest of the way this season, it is possible that he could return this year or at least be ready for the playoffs. He has been cleared to practice and play in full for the entire months leading up to the final game of the regular season. If the Saints can win their last two regular season games against Tampa Bay and New Orleans, and beat the New York Giants in their last regular season game, then the Saints will be headed to the playoffs for the fifth time in the past seven years.

Summing Up

So far, Drew has been cleared to play but there are a couple of things that the Saints have to watch for in the way of how he plays this week. In particular, the team will want to see if he can move without restrictions in the passing game. It would be very disappointing to have Drew Brees miss the rest of the season because of an injury. If he is not ready to go for the playoffs, then there are many other quarterbacks on the team that should be started, and that would include current starter Drew Brees.

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