What to Get a Drew Brees Birthday Party From

drew brees birthday

Drew Brees is a former American Football quarterback who currently plays in the National Football League for the Saints. He was previously a backup quarterback for the New Orleans Saints for a few years before being traded to the Saints in exchange for tight end Tony Moore. He has been a consistent starter for the Saints and has established himself as one of the best passers in the NFL. He is one of the most popular players on the team and even had his picture taken with coach Sean Payton when he was a member of the Saints.

Drew Brees Birthday Gift Ideas

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Since Drew Brees is already such a big time player in his league, it is likely that he will receive many types of gifts on his birthday. This is actually his big holiday, his 18th birthday. So what type of gifts can be given out on this special day? There are so many possibilities.

New Cell Phone

Perhaps the most common form of gift given on Brees’ birthday is a new cell phone. He is already one of the more popular cell phone users in the league, so getting a new model would be an excellent idea. If the phone is signed by him then that also is an option but if not then a personalized Saints jersey could be a nice gift. A Saints beanie or headband would also be appropriate.

Dinner Date

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Another option would be a dinner date. Let’s face it, who doesn’t like to go out for a nice dinner on their birthday? Set up a nice restaurant or you can always go to his favorite bowling or basketball court. You could also pick out flowers and get a bouquet delivered. Anything that makes him happy is sure to be appreciated.


Movies are a great gift to give at any occasion. Some might think that since Drew Brees is aging and his favorite movies have come to an end, he might not enjoy them as much as they used to. But hey, you never know. He might still watch his favorite movie after he turns 50. So if you know where he likes to watch his movies, this might be a great idea for his birthday.

Sports are another thing to consider when you are thinking of a gift. Drew might have a favorite team or player, so picking up tickets to a game would be a perfect way to say Happy Birthday. With tickets to a game, there is a good chance he would be attending and that would definitely make him very happy. So for a Drew Breslow birthday party, there really isn’t anything that can top giving him a couple of tickets to a sports event.

Nice Pair Of Jeans

For the more mature guys at your birthday party, maybe a nice pair of jeans would work. Or even better, some quality slacks and a shirt with his favorite team logo on it. There are plenty of options here. As for Drew’s favorite food, let’s get to the good stuff. No matter what his preference, a burger, pizza or sushi would be the best bet for his birthday. If you can, try to accommodate his favorite food, or order a non-traditional meal such as Chinese food or French cuisine, that would also be an excellent idea to add some flair to the party.

Final Thoughts

For a guy who likes his hobbies and loves spending time doing them, organizing a golf tournament for his birthday would probably be his choice. A day at the fair with the trophy would be the ultimate way to show how much you appreciate all the effort and love you put into the things you enjoy the most. For the ladies in your life, flowers might be just what you need to turn your birthday into something special. Flowers say it all and you can go as cute or as elegant as you want to with them. It’s easy to choose flowers that match what your man likes and what his favorite color is. Flowers are always a hit at any sort of party and with Drew Breslow, you won’t have any trouble finding something that would fit the occasion perfectly.

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