What Makes Drew Brees Racist?

drew brees racist

During the 2021 election, candidate Barack Obama received several racist comments from anti-McCain supporters. Many of those comments came from a so-called “blogger.” A blogger is a person who provides a personal opinion about any given subject and generally doesn’t have any form of journalistic integrity. Candidates have even used blogs to reach out to citizens and explain their positions on various issues. Unfortunately, when it comes to Brees’ blog, the racist overtones were obvious.

Who is Drew Brees?

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The blogger in question was none other than Drew Brees. In an article discussing the failures of Obama’s campaign, Breese referred to the candidate as a “piece of trash” and a “clown.” In a follow-up post, he claimed that McCain “should spend more time in Chicago” and “not waste his money on a black man with a black wife.” The term “piece of trash” was used three times in the breed’s original post, which has now been deleted.

The mainstream media, when they got wind of the news response, branded Breese as a racist. The damage to Obama’s image wasn’t lost on anyone. The blog in question was even endorsed by one of the networks interviewing Obama. Even The New York Times displayed a lengthy piece condoning the racist undertones in the blog. Everyone seemed to find comfort in reading this except for Drew Brees.

Was The Racist Claim True?

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Drew Brees’ racist claims were not true. He denied making the comments and even suggested that some of the responses to his blog were misunderstandings. Drew Bree’s claims were untrue, but he didn’t back up his statements. The damage was done, and the damage won’t be undone anytime soon.

He was also involved heavily in the national anthem controversy “During the black lives matter.” Following the death of George Floyd. However, he had later apologized for the same and expressed that his intention was never to hurt anyone. Brees also referred to his veteran grandfather, who had fought in World war-II and risked their lives to make the country and the world a better place.

Though his apologies have come late, it still means that he has some regret for all the self-absorbed, entitled view which only the white supremacist believe in having.  

So What Does This All Mean?

It means that it is essential to remain civil in a country that is known for its frequent outbreaks of racial, political, or otherwise hateful intolerance. It means that we must guard our constitutional rights and ensure that hate groups cannot use their free speech to attack others because of their race, religion, sexual orientation, etc. We cannot allow hate groups to tear down the fabric of America.


Finally, while summing up, it can be said that It also means that we must all do our part to prevent this sort of hate from sweeping the nation. This is probably the most difficult challenge, but it can be done. Hopefully, we will see progress. Until then, please consider this latest episode as a wake-up call about hate and intolerance. Could you not allow it to divide you?

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