What Do You Like Most About Drew Brees

Drew Brees Hurt

Some people think that when you ask “what do you like most about Drew Brees”, the answer is something like “He’s so easy to watch”.

Easy To Watch

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That would certainly be one of the reasons why someone might say that he’s easy to watch, but it isn’t the only thing he’s easy to watch. He’s also easy to throw the ball to, and if you don’t have a good arm, you’re not going to make the best of the situation. That’s where the question of what do you like about Drew Brees comes into play.

When I hear someone say that there’s no one thing about Drew Brees that makes him so special, it’s kind of hard to understand. After all, when you are watching him on the field, it’s easy to see that he is a great player, and has all of the skills necessary to succeed at being a great player. It’s just that the way he does things sometimes gets in the way of his success. So how do you decide what his best attribute is?

If you take a look at any of the games he has played in over the years, you’ll see that his ability to throw the football, whether it’s a deep pass or short pass, is always at a premium. When he’s able to make the quick throw, he will generally make the big play.

Don’t Throw The Ball In Tight Areas

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The problem is that if you try to throw the ball into tight areas, he might have a very difficult time throwing the ball away and get the interception that will end the game for the other team. However, even if he does get the pick, the other team can often get it back with an extra possession, and the Saints might never get another chance.

For some reason, many people think that if Drew Brees throws the ball too far, he’s just going to wind up throwing it into the stands, or running into the corner of the end zone. This couldn’t be further from the truth. If he goes too far, he will have to turn around, and either go for the field goal or the extra point, but neither of those things are really worth having to try to accomplish.

Of course, what we’re looking for here is a good player who throws the ball well and is willing to sacrifice some of his success in order to get the other team off the field. For example, if Drew Brees has the ball on the opposite hash mark, but there are a run formation there, and no way for him to throw the ball away, he might just decide to take the sack and hope for the best. If the Saints end up scoring, it might be enough to make them walk away with the victory, but not enough to keep them in the game. It’s that kind of thinking that is why he’s so successful.


What do you like most about Drew Brees is that he’s willing to play hurt to help out his team? He’s taken a lot of punishment and he’s still able to come back and help his team win. There are many people who believe that his toughness is one of the keys to his success, but he also knows how to adjust his game and take the next step. He knows that there are times when he has to change his game plan, but he’s willing to do that.

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