What Are The Odds That They Will Win The Super Bowl This Year

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During this decade, only a coach or player’s performance in the decade was considered for vote. During the past ten years, the players voted on their overall performance and were not chosen based on one season’s worth of play. The goal for this list is to honor the greatest players in the history of the NFL.

The first team on the NFL all decade team is the Atlanta Falcons. Though the run game was mediocre, the defense was great, and the running back involved was a beast. The Falcons were in a transitional year in their franchise’s history and added a number of new players as the salary cap took some measures to stabilize the cap. This gave them the top spot.

The Green Bay Packers

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The next team on the NFL all decade team is the Green Bay Packers. Two of the favorites for the Hall of Fame game in Canton, tackle Brian Burris and wide receiver James Jones, are both set to be en route to Canton. Both are deserving. Tight end Scott Fujikawa and running back Deangelo Williams were two key pieces of the Packers’ ground attack that carried the offense for a couple of decades. Wide receiver James Jones was one of the best fade runners in football. He is set to join the Hall soon too.

The next team on the NFL all decade team is the Dallas Cowboys. This was one of the great upsets in Super Bowl history. They lost to the hated Pittsburgh Steelers in what seemed like a no win situation. Despite that, the Cowboy’s defense is formidable and they will be able to hold off the Steelers for a long time.

The Houston Texans

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The Houston Texans were another huge surprise last season. They finished fifth in yards allowed and third in points made. Coach Tom Coughlin improved the defense and turned up the offense at just the right time. Now, they hope to repeat as a powerhouse again this year.

One other team that could contend for a Hall of Fame spot is the Atlanta Falcons. Quarterback Tony Romo and his offensive line paired with the great defensive unit of studs like Dan Morgan and Richard Marshall could make the Atlanta Falcons one of the great teams of the modern era. They just might. Matt Ryan and the offense are loaded with talent and looking like the new Texas Cowboys. The defense is also capable of making a deep run into the playoffs as long as its standout performers stay healthy.

NFL All Century Team

These are only some of the notable teams that will be taking part in the upcoming NFL all decade celebration. It will be interesting to see which ones will make it and who will be left standing. Who knows, it could be the greatest offense in history or a terrible defense.

It’s really not too late to put on your NFL All Century Team shirt. And for the record, I’ll bet the best player you’ll see on it will be somebody who is currently in the twilight of their career. Joe Montana and Peanut can’t make any argument about the Greatest Teams in NFL history. But after they are gone, that’ll be no consolation for fans of a team who never got a chance to show what they can do. Don’t miss out on your chance to be an extra hero this year.

A Quality Quarterback To Throw The Ball

Other than those two, there are several other possibilities. A team could have a guy like Joe Montana backing up for them, but he won’t be able to throw the pigskin. They’ll need a quality quarterback to throw the ball to. You could also put a running back tandem of LaDanian Tomlinson and Ricky Williams, but neither has proven to be anything more than average at their craft. If the team doesn’t score more than twenty points a game, you can forget about making the playoffs.

But don’t overlook this team because it has a chance to make a deep run in the playoffs. If the Super Bowl happens this year, this team has a very good chance at going all the way. They’re loaded with stars and they have a very capable coach in Bill Parcells. He has a history of making powerful defenses, and his team will no doubt make an impact in the NFL all century team picture.


So don’t discount this team just yet. It has a chance to go far, and it has a great chance to make some noise in the playoffs. Don’t write this off as a bad team, because it isn’t. It just needs to find a quarterback, and a running back that can take some heavy pressure. They have one now, so they should continue to build on it and make sure they stay contenders for years to come.

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