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undrafted nfl players

There are football players who rise from their rank of being one of the undrafted NFL players each year. But later they mark their spot on the NFL lineup. Sometimes these undrafted gems do wonders for the team, and it has been proven time and again. Players like Tony Romo and Kurt Warner are a classic example of this list of undrafted NFL players who took center stage at their Sunday games.

Undrafted NFL Players – Anthony Gordon

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Anthony Gordon has signed with Seattle Seahawks. His name was not called at the time of the draft, so he is one of the undrafted NFL players. This journey of this QB has been impressive. Gordon was formerly a recruit of zero-star who began his career at JUCO City College of San Francisco. He was the star of the match and led his team to a massive record of 12-1. Besides, he also led his team to a California community college athletic association championship. He was also a backup for Washington State when he got transferred there. He got to start for the Cougs, where he showed impressive stats. He set the record for Conference single-season for passing touchdowns and yards and total offense and completions. He had accounted for 5,579 yards as well as 48 touchdowns in a single season.

Javelin Guidry

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Javelin Guidry is also one of the rare Utah prospects who went undrafted, and so he also earned a spot as one of the undrafted NFL players. He has a majestic speed of A 4.29 second 40 times, which becomes an additional benefit for the lineup. Even though the player may be a little short in height for the sideline position, he is 5’9. But he can contribute a lot to slot presence whose closing skills can remove the slants amidst the field. He has spent three seasons with the Utes and is still suited as a pure athlete rather than a cornerback. But he was among a vital cog in a powerful secondary from where three players were drafted. So he is quite eligible to fill some similar spots in the NFL if given a chance with the New York Jets, where he is currently signed with.

Undrafted NFL Players – Bryce Perkins

He is another player with an extremely raw prospect who has made it into the list of undrafted NFL players. Bryce Perkins has showcased his skills in two seasons with Virginia and has broken school records. He has proved that he is a gamer. He is a quarterback with a height of 6’3. He has also led his team to the 2019 Orange Bowl. In the game, he gave a run for its money to the tough Florida defense. Perkins was able to throw 323 yards and four touchdowns in a loss of 36-28 against the Cavaliers. He is an extremely talented man who has the strength to do wonders with his versatility and upside at the next level of an NFL game.


Many other undrafted NFL players can turn the games in their favor if they have a chance to showcase their skills.

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