Top Players In The Nfl Team List That You Must Know

nfl team list

There are some players in the NFL that have changed the game for the viewers and these are pro at their game. All the players have given their heart and soul to the game and have made people fall in love with this game. There are some players who genuinely love the game and everything that comes with it and these are such kinds of players. They have made the whole world their playing field. You can see that these are the legends that everyone loves and respects.

If you want to know the top players in the NFL team list here they are. These are the legends of the NFL team list and they have made the game very exciting and popular as well. These are some of the top names in the game and these are admired by the people all over the world for their skill and love for their game. Here is the list that has the name of the top players of the game and see who they are.

Lamar Jackson

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He has scored the top spot on the list due to his popularity and his skill as well. This guy is a quarterback and he plays for the Baltimore Ravens in the NFL. When he was in university, he scored many awards for his game and he was also the most valuable player of the year 2019 in the nfl team list. He is one of the best players in the game today and he proves the same with every match that he plays. Lamar has secured several vectors for his team and he is a very valuable player in the team. He is also respected by the players who play with him and they also know that he is a very skilled player.

Russell Wilson

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He is also a quarterback who plays for the Seattle Seahawks. When he was young he played for the South Carolina University team and ked it to heights of success. He is one of the best players in the game at this point of time and he is also very skilled. Russell has a record for the most wins by any quarterback all through the seven seasons which is a great achievement in itself. He was also the highest paid player in the year 2019 when he renewed his contract with the team.

Aaron Donald

Aaron is the defensive tackle for his team that is the Los Angeles Rams and he is also one of the best players that we have in football at this time. He started playing football when he was in college in the city of Pittsburgh and then he was picked by the team. He also has many achievements to his name and ranked number 1 on the list of the top 100 NFL players of the year 2019.


These are some of the top players in the Nfl team list that you must know if you love watching football. All these players are currently playing and their peers have ranked them the highest when it comes to the game. There are several other names also but these are the top ones that you should definitely know about if you genuinely love football.

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