Top 12 Greatest NFL Players Of All Time To See Here

greatest nfl players of all time

Football is considered one of the biggest sports in America and also makes our list of 10 ten most-watched sports worldwide. The NFL (National Football League) draws lots of money via TV sponsorship and rights. All included this aids to produce legends.

Without waiting you so long, let’s have a glance at the 12 greatest NFL players of all time.

Check Out The Greatest NFL Players Of All Time Below-

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1. Jerry Rice

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Position: WR

Years: 1985 – 2004

Teams: Seattle Seahawks, San Francisco 49ers, Oakland Raiders

Info: Jerry Rice is a 3 time Super Bowl Champion and possesses the NFL record in all-purpose touchdowns, total achieved yards (23, 546), total receptions (1,549), and touchdown receptions (197).

2. Lawrence Taylor

Position: LB

Years: 1981 – 1993

Team: New York Giants

Info: Lawrence is a 2-time Super Bowl Champion, 3-time NFL Defensive player, a 9-time First Team All-Pro Selection.

3. Tom Brady

Position: QB

Years: 2000 – Present

Team: New England Patriots

Info: Tom is a 6-time Super Bowl Champion, 3-time NFL MVP & holds ample Super Bowl records, and 4-time Super Bowl MVP.

4. Walter Payton

Position: RB

Years: 1975 – 1987

Team: Chicago Bears

Info: Walter is a Super Bowl champion, the 2nd leading rusher in NFL history, and the NFL MVP of the year 1997.

5. Jim Brown

Position: RB

Years: 1975 – 1965

Team: Cleveland Browns

Info: Jim is an 8-time First Team All-Pro, 4-time NFL MVP, and 1st player in league record to reach 100 rushing touchdowns.

6. Joe Montana

Position: QB

Years: 1979 – 1994

Teams: Kansas City Chiefs, San Francisco 49ers

Info: Joe is a 3-time Super Bowl MVP, 2-time NFL MVP, 4-time Super Bowl Champion, and holds Super Bowl Passing records.

7. Peyton Manning

Position: QB

Years: 1998 – 2015

Teams: Denver Broncos, Indianapolis Colts

Info: Peyton is a 2-time NFL offensive Player of the Year, 5-time NFL MVP, 2-time Super Bowl Champion, and possesses various NFL passing records.

8. Reggie White

Position: DE

Years: 1985 – 2000

Teams: Carolina Panthers, Philadelphia Eagles, Green Bay Packers

Info: Reggie is a thirteen-time Pro Bowler, a Super Bowl Champion, and 2-time AP NFL Defensive Player of the year.

9. Barry Sanders

Position: RB

Years: 1989 – 1998

Team: Detroit Lions

Info: Barry ranks 3rd in rushing yards, 1st player to rush for one thousand yards in the first 10 seasons, and was named a Pro Bowler 10 times.

10. Johnny Unitas

Position: QB

Years: 1956 – 1971

Teams: San Diego Chargers, Baltimore Colts

Info: Johnny Unitas was a 3-time NFL champ, won a Super Bowl, and possesses the 3rd longest passing TD streak in the NFL record.

11. Dick Butkus

Position: LB

Years: 1965 – 73

Team: Chicago Bears

Info: Dick Butkus is a 6-time First Team All-Pro, 2-time NFL Defensive Player, and 8-time Pro Bowler.

12. Anthony Munoz

Position: LT

Years: 1980 – 1992

Team: Cincinnati Bengals

Info: Anthony Munoz is an eleven-time Pro Bowler, was a 9-time First Team All-Pro, and NFL’s Walter Payton Man of the year.


Read about such legends who lodged their name in the NFL and shown their talent in front of the world. They are an inspiration for those who want to become a great football player.

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