The Full Details of Adam Vinatieri Biography

adam vinatieri biography

Adam Matthew Vinatieri is a very popular American football player. He had a successful NFL career and retired in the year 2021. He is recorded to be the all-time highest scorer in the history of the NFL. He is also named the footballer with the highest field goals recorded. Read more to know more about his career and personal life.

Early Life

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He was born in 1972 on December 28 in Yankton, South Dakota. He is six feet tall. He comes from a family of Italian, English and German. He was found to struggle through his schooling with his classes. Therefore, he was admitted to learn in classes for children with learning and attention disabilities. He was later discovered to be very athletic. He grew up to become a letterman in basketball, soccer, football and wrestling. Graduating from high school in 1991, he was an all-state honour student in the first team.

Later in college, which he pursued in the South Dakota State University, he was a letterman for four years as a quarterback. After pursuing football professionally until rebranding with the NFL, he was signed by the patriots. He then went on to play in three super bowls from 2001-2004. His last game with the Patriots was in 2005. In 2006, he was signed with the Indianapolis Colts for his fourth Superbowl season. With this team, he played as their placekicker from 2006-2021.

NFL Career

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In the history of the NFL, he became the 12th kicker with the highest points of about 1600. He is a four-time Super Bowl champion and a six-time AFC champion. His 2016 Super Bowl season was record-setting. His game in the 2010 season was also a big achievement as he had returned back to the field following an injury. He achieved the all-time record to receive the highest number of extra points. He is also recorded to be the seventh player to achieve 500 plus points in the history of the NFL.

Personal Life

His childhood was mostly based in South Dakota. His great-great-grandfather from who assumes his Italian ancestry was a bandmaster to Lt Col George Armstrong Custer. He married Valeri Vinatieri in 2001. They share two kids together. His net worth is summed to be about 25 million dollars. His sister, Christine Erickson is a politician based in South Dakota. He is also the third cousin of the very popular stunt performer Evel Knievel. He has endorsed the Snickers candy bar and has also starred in their commercials.


Adam is the fourth player in the history of the NFL to have played even at the age of 46 until his retirement at 48. He has achieved a considerably large amount of records as an NFL player and broke his records during his time on the field. It is to be noted that he is the oldest player in the NFL to hit the 50-yard goal. He has won two Super Bowls for his team by his field kicks. And to repeat, he is the all-time highest point-scorer in NFL’s history.

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