Surprising Reasons Why These Sports Stars Chose To Retire Early – Number 8 Was Quite Unexpected

Most sports stars keep playing for as long as they can perform. Most sports are super competitive, and the performance bar is set too high. Therefore, athletes are often in their peak performance until later in life when they hang their boots.

Nevertheless, some players get out of the game earlier than expected. Usually, it is for an extraordinary reason since they are still at peak performance. Here are ten memorable athletes who surprised us by calling it quits way earlier than expected.

Brandon Roy, 27

Brandon Roy left a lot of pundits guessing when he decided to hang his sneakers. Brandon was drafted by the Timberwolves in 2006 and moved to the Portland Trailblazers soon after. He was incredible on the court and eventually scooped Rookie of the Year that season. With all his promise, however, a series of knee injuries troubled his game. He ultimately gave in and retired. He, however, made a short-lived comeback before his knee gave in once again. He was forced off the court this time for good in 2013.

A baseball player holding a racket

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