Sunday Football – Finding Great NFL Sunday Ticket Choices

sunday football

The NFL takes a small “fade” in the fall season. Where once there were eight weeks of regular season games, there are only six this year. There’s been lots of talk about changing the League and more importantly, the ” Passion to Play” wants you to “Like” their Facebook page so the League can get some feedback.

NFL Sunday Football League

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Some fans are upset that the NFL has taken a break from football. Sunday is when all the action occurs. Most people love football and are glued to their television watching Sunday Night Football. If you want to “Like” the Facebook page for the NFL Sunday football league, you can do so at this link:

The “Monday Night Football” telecast features one of the most competitive Thursday night games in years. If you’re not a fan, you should be. I love watching Sunday night because there are two great games: The Saints and the Raiders. Enjoying the game means there is plenty of football to watch on the weekends. Weekdays are reserved for football on the weekends.

NFL Sunday Ticket

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It’s a good thing the NFL weekend games on CBS and NBC are huge hits with fans and television viewers. There is also another very popular program on Fox called “NFL Sunday Ticket.” Each year, millions tune into this show and enjoy great sports entertainment. You can catch “The Sunday Ticket” on either your television or computer if you happen to have either of these.

The NFL Sunday Ticket shows off every game during the season and also includes the top games throughout the entire NFL season. Many fans prefer to catch the NFL Sunday Ticket rather than the Thursday Night Football broadcasts on the network. My favorite part of this is the fact that the games broadcast on this channel are mostly played on the weekend. This includes my favorite team, the Green Bay Packers. The other team, the Dallas Cowboys, play mostly during the week and they rarely get a chance to play in the Super Bowl.


Another option for those who love the NFL but don’t like the schedule would be to check out the “Monday Night Football” broadcasts on NBC or CBS. This is another popular program that features one of the highest rated shows on television. Many people prefer to watch “Monday Night Football” on the weekend because it’s much easier to do on the weekend than on weekdays.

The “Monday Night Football” show features some of the highest rated shows on television and it also often features games that are broadcast on the NFL Sunday Ticket. Most likely, you won’t catch all of the games that are played on “Monday Night Football”, but you should at least see every other game that is scheduled to be played on this very popular television show. In addition to the main show, many of the best college and high school games are shown on this same channel. If you like football or any sport for that matter, this may be one of your best options for finding good NFL Sunday Ticket choices.

Wrapping Up

Many people decide to go with the “weekend packages” that the NFL offers when looking for Sunday night football selections. These packages are usually available through local satellite TV channels or through various online websites. While these Sunday league football games are not always the greatest, you will still get to see some of the biggest games in the National Football League. Make sure that you watch these games on an incredible quality television set such as a plasma or LCD TV, so that you will be able to fully appreciate the amazing game play.

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