Steelers Football Outlook for 2021

steelers football

The Pittsburgh Steelers are an American professional football team renowned for their football prowess. The Pittsburgh Steelers play in the National Football League as a member franchise of the American Football Conference North. They are one of the most successful teams in the history of professional football and are favorites in their divisional matchup with the defending Super Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens. A heavy favorite to win the Super Bowl this year is not even close. The Steelers will go into the playoffs as heavy underdogs, but their performance against the Ravens will certainly give us fans plenty of reason to watch.

The running game is what gives the Steelers the edge over other contenders for championships. Leaning on a powerful running attack is the key to any team that hopes to succeed. The running game is almost like an offensive Swiss army: efficient, quick, and able to capitalize on bad plays. Without a strong running game, the rest of the team is weak, and the result can be poor at best.

Steelers Football

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Despite their strong rushing attack, the Steelers do not have one specific player on their team that they rely on to produce big games. Each week there are new running backs drafted or acquired, and the running back position is oftentimes not even in the lineup. Two of the better runners, Jonathan Dwyer and Isaac Redman, have been relatively ineffective in recent weeks, and it has not been a good month for either.

On offense, the Steelers also lack one huge weapon that is required to dominate in the playoffs; a strong defense. While there are standout players at corners, inside and outside, the Steelers lack the overall talent to consistently stop opposing offenses. Though the secondary has improved lately, it’s not enough to stifle the Steelers on the outside. Pittsburgh’s potent passing attack is a bit too good to overcome.

Things To Know

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Overall, the defense has been average to below-average this season. The secondary has been particularly bad, giving up big plays and taking away big plays from the running game. The unit also does not do a very good job of slowing down opposing offenses. This has been a major concern for some fans and has given them much reason to be pessimistic about the season ahead. Many fans have turned their backs on the team and are tuning them out as they prepare to root for other teams in the playoffs.

There are some bright spots, though, and the offense has picked up where it left off last year. Le’Veon Bell has been a major revelation as the lead running back, and he has brought in a lot of fans as well. The emergence of rookies Antonio Brown and Darrius Heyward-Bey has also been a great source of hope for the team’s fans. The young guns have really shown what they are capable of. The Steelers are one great football team, and they look like they are ready to go far. They are playing tight football and getting a lot of pressure on the opposing defenses, which will definitely give you an advantage.

Bottom Line

The defense is playing its best football of the year. The unit has come together and has been very strong all year. If there was any doubt that this team had the tools to turn things around this year, the recent racking up of turnovers should put that to rest. The secondary has allowed just about every opposing offense to be held without a touchdown, thus giving the Steelers a very solid edge on the rest of the league. With a strong defensive unit, the Steelers should be able to win the next few games for the pennies.

The overall outlook for this team is a good one. Pittsburgh Steelers Football is one of the complete teams in the NFL. They have one great running back in Le’Veon Bell, a great defensive unit, a powerful offensive line, a top-notch coach, and one of the best defensive players in the game coming into the fold. With a big season behind them, this team has a very bright future.

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