Shortest Nfl Players – Everything You Should Know About The Players

Shortest Nfl Players

Not every football player can work out to gain 300 pounds and is tall enough to be about 6-feet. People have this constant misconception about height being an imperative factor for a successful career in sports. Well, this article will prove you wrong as we have come up with the shortest NFL players you might have seen, and these people have been an inspiration to so many youngsters, eradicating the misconception. We have a lot of players under 5’10’’ and some are even shorter than 5’7’’. Without further ado, we can start with the list.

Shortest NFL Players – Terron Ward, Atlanta Falcons (TIE)

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Any Falcon fan would have heard this name, and needless to remind, he is one of the shortest players you might have ever seen with the height of 5’7”. Terron and his brother are popular these days, and Terron has been an important part of the falcons. And he played almost 13 games in 2015, and he was the contributor in his team when it was third running back in 2017.

Tommylee Lewis, New Orleans Saints (TIE)

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Again, we have a free agent here who is of the same height as Terron of and he later became a return specialist for New Orleans after his contribution. He has maintained the sleek record with 20 receptions and 252 receiving yards and two touchdowns. Even when he was only 27, he had a lot of time to add to the total, and then he made his choices.

Shortest NFL Players – Andrew Hawkins, Cincinnati Bengals (TIE)

Coming to another player with the same height, he has worked hard throughout the year to be considered one of the inspiring players on the list. Even when it was his first year, he made 63 catches and two touchdowns already. Later in 2015, he fell into an injured reserve, and a couple of years later, he was signed for a 1-year contract but then he couldn’t continue the same, after which he announced his retirement.

We had majorly discussed three players who are not in the field right now actively contribute to the respective teams, highlighting that they have all had normal careers and decided to end it and move on when they wanted to.


Being short has nothing to do with the game you can show when you are given a chance. While some sports might require certain physical qualities considering the overwhelming misconceptions already made about the industry, it has nothing to do with the talent. If you have the right talent, you can be sure that you will never go unrecognized. If times are getting harder, especially with proving yourself and your talent, we would like to give you one simple piece of advice – to be consistent. Only when you constantly try to move further will you ever be able to move further. Being short or any injury should not be a hindrance when you plan to showcase your talent in sports because sports is all about consistent practice, discipline, and the ability to achieve.

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