Rumours Regarding Tom Cuellar Retirement Press Release

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The NFL draft prospect of Drew Brees has been generating a lot of buzz as he is expected to come out of retirement and sign with an NFL team. Brees was released by the Bills this past April after ten years with the team. But how did he get released in the first place?

According to ESPN, Drew Brees was “shocked” upon his release and didn’t have any inkling that he would be cut by the Bills. Nevertheless, he did undergo a heart attack and had to be hospitalized for a short period of time before making it clear to his friends and family that he was going to retire. Some of them thought he might pass and wanted to prepare him for his eventual retirement. Several of them called his wife to reassure her of his “doing well”.

Drawing Huge Contracts

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So where does brees go from here? His immediate future looks very bright, since he’s now focusing on drawing huge contracts with the new teams that he’s visiting. He’s even mentioned the Chargers as a possible destination. This means that if he were to retire prior to the start of the next season, the Chargers could still have their number one quarterback. If he were to call it quits during the season, they’d still have a decent quarterback in Tony Romo.

Of course, that scenario is highly unlikely since Romo and Brees are on different teams and will only share the footballing spotlight of their respective teams. However, it could be possible that the two quarterbacks together in San Diego or Tampa Bay will form a great tandem.In many regards, it’s fair to say that Brees’ decision to retire was influenced by the thought of seeing Romo in the starting lineup again.

Disaster For The Team

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If that does happen, it will surely spell disaster for the team. It will be as devastating as seeing Vince Young led the franchise out the door when he announced his retirement following the 2021 season. It will certainly be bad PR for the team and a disaster in the books for Tom Cuellar. He’ll also be left with a big hole to sort out, which will make for a tough offseason.

Now then, is it realistic for Tom Cuellar to pull a miracle and bring the team back in time for a playoff run? Most experts say absolutely not. Even if Romo returns to form in his second year as a starter, there is no guarantee he will ever be the same player that drew so much criticism and doubt.

The fact that he hasn’t been able to win the big games in his five starts for Dallas shows that he still has a lot of work to do. There’s no sure thing that he’ll ever develop into the player that Lebron James is today, despite what Lebron said after the Cleveland series.


Does this mean that Tom Cuellar should seriously consider retirement? He has two years on his contract and is due a big raise. He is an excellent team leader and he probably knows how much his fans want him to succeed. The biggest question is whether he believes he is playing at a high enough level to warrant a raise or not. He is the only Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback who hasn’t been to the playoffs yet. He needs to prove to the coaches and the front office that he can still play at a high level and should do so.

Bottom Line

If Tom Cuellar is going to draw a retirement pressurized by Brees’ comments, he better come out swinging and prove that he is still as good as he always was. Otherwise, he might be finished as a Dallas Cowboys quarterback. If Tom Brees wants to draw attention to his comments, he’s likely going to need to get more than one NFL writer to write about his comments. It could be a tough move for him to make, but it’s one that most likely has to be made. Hopefully, the attention will lead to more positive news for the Dallas Cowboys.

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