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drew brees restaurant

The Breese Dried Fish is owned and operated by John Bires, who has been the chef at The Boston Globe for over twenty years. In that time he has mastered many of the fine dining establishments in Boston, but the Dried Fish has become his flagship restaurant. The Boston Globe is a staple in the South End, a favorite among families and professionals alike. And anyone who loves good food should check out the place, which serves such delights as Prime Rib, Buffalo Chicken, Meat Lovers’ Pecan Rolls, Greek Salads, and Fried Green Beans.

Best About Drew Brees

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The Boston Globe often features cooking tips from the restaurant that inspire new recipes. For instance, one of Bires’s favorite is the fried green beans. His secret is the perfect balance of seasoning and cheese. Thick and delicious batter, it makes the best use of grease and crispiness. Many chefs have tried to imitate the dish, but none have come close to matching the flavor of the real thing.

Dressed to perfection every day, the restaurant boasts an impressive wine list. Many of the wines are sourced from local vineyards, which are displayed proudly on the restaurant’s wine cellar. Popular wines include Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Merlot, and other fine reds. Of course, the selections are not limited to these types of reds. They also offer a wide range of whites, including a nice selection of crisp Chenin Blanc.

Desserts are another specialty of Drew Brees. From banana pudding and biscotti to chocolate cakes and puddings, many are impressed with the variety of offerings. You might not think of banana pudding when dining at this establishment, but many do. It is a classic dessert that never goes out of style.

Of course, Boston offers a large number of restaurants that specialize in seafood. If you are looking for a place where you and your family can sing karaoke, then The Boston Seafood Company is the place for you. Considered one of the top seafood restaurants in the country, Boston Seafood offers an extensive menu that features many different varieties of fish, shellfish, clams, and mussels. There is even a sushi bar. With thirty-two locations nationwide, you should have no problem finding Boston Seafood near you.

While many diners will find that there is very little flavor in their dishes, those who love the flavor will love Drew Brees Restaurant. Ownership duties are shared by husband and wife team of Tommy and Joanne Bouvier, who have been making good food with a tradition of great service for more than thirty years. Whether you want Italian food or Chinese food, they have it.

Friendly Environment To Enjoy With Family

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The atmosphere at Drew Brees is just like going to a fine restaurant. There are high ceilings, excellent service, and music that often play in the background. You will feel as if you are at home while dining at the Boston Seafood Company, and your family will surely be talking about how good the food was for days to come.

If you love Asian food, this is definitely the place for you. Dred Brees offers a variety of dishes from the most popular Japanese tuna sushi to vegetarian fare. Everything is fresh and delicious, and best of all, it’s all prepared by the best chefs in the business. After trying Dred Brees Restaurant, you might just have to go back for another visit.

Dred Brees Restaurant is located at 401 Summer Street in Boston, Massachusetts. You can take the train into the city or ride the commuter rail into the East Coast. The proximity to the New York Stock Exchange and the John Hancock Tower make it an excellent location for a business meeting.

Activities To Do

Dred Brees Restaurant was created in direct competition with the already established restaurants on Summer Street. The owner, Tommy Bouvier, knew that the competition on Summer Street was fierce, and he decided to create a restaurant that would give his customers something special and different. Unlike many of his competitors, Drew Brees Restaurant has a great American feel with casual dining and fine quality food. You won’t find any fancy buffet or desserts here, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t a great place for a special dinner date with the family.


Dred Brees Restaurant is a terrific place to take your family or your friends. Their prices are reasonable, and the food is a top notch quality. If you ever come across a great deal on Drew Brees, don’t let it pass by. You will definitely be glad you did!

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