Provide Extra Support To Your Limbs And Protect Them From Getting Injured From Any Unnatural Movement With This Elastic Pad!

Everyone needs to wear protective equipment and gear during the sport. The equipment helps to protect them from any injuries during the game. Elastic pads are one of these.  These improve the flexibility and strength of the sport to hold up the muscle in one place. Reduce the chances of any muscle injuries, such as reduce the sore, swelling, and pain of the ankle, knee, arm, etc. If you wear this at arm, leg, knee, ankles, etc. It comes with pair sets.

Elastic pads for support and protection in sport. It is best for all ages of people of any genders, those who play basketball, football, fitness, and others. It comes in many sizes and strengths. It also comes in color, such as black,  red, green, blue, orange, pink, black with grey, etc. It is made up of Stretching fabrics, such as latex, nylon, spandex, and silks. Its material has the feature of anti-slipping, which helps to hold them in one place. You can get these Elastic pads for support and protection in the sport now.


•   Age: It is a universal item.

•   Material: Its elbow support is made up of nylon, spandex, latex, silk.

•   Model number: Its model number is A-7547.

•   Brand name:  Alikes is the best brand for elbow support.

•   Name: It is elbow support.

•   Size: It has come in L / M Size.

•   Suit sport: It is best for Fitness, Basketball, Football, and other sport.

•   Elbow configuration-M: It has come 26 -30 cm.

•   Elbow configuration-L: It has come 30-36cm.

•   Elbow configuration-XL: It has come 36-72cm.

•   Suit for weight-M: It has 45 – 65 kg.

•   Suit for weight-L: It is 65 – 85 kg.

•   Suit for weight-XL: It has 85 – 105 kg.

·            Color: it has come in many colors, such as     Black/Green/Red/Blue/Orange/Pink/Black with grey.

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Pros Of Elastic Pads:

•   It is breathable and is made up of flexible material, which helps during the sport.

•   It supports and protects the joints from any injury and accident.

•   It helps to reduce the sores, swelling, pain of ankle, knee, arms, etc.

•   It is an anti-slip feature inside the cover. Help to hold a pad in place.

•   Its package includes a pair of covers.

•       It gives extra support to muscles to hold one place.

•   It is the protective gear of the game.

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Cons Of Elastic Pads:

•   It harms the skin if you wear them for a long time.

•   Everyone is required to wear an elastic pad of proper size,  then they lose it. You get muscle disorders and are too tight to have problem artery blockage.

•   It isn’t good for proper blood circulation.

•   It is required to get high-quality pads. Local pads become lost in a short time.


Elastic pads for support and protection in sport. It is the best one for support gear in sports.  It’s best for many sports to wear them and prevent themselves from any bone and muscle injuries. It gives external support to the muscles. This helps to hold the muscles in proper progression during the sport.

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