Ohio State Players Turning Heads in the Football Program

ohio state players in nfl

Ohio State has some of the greatest athletes in the National Football League. You would be hard-pressed to find any sport where you could find more talented athletes. Urban Meyer is a head coach at Ohio State and there is no doubt that he brings in that particular type of talent. He is also an extremely successful coach at that position. It will be interesting to see how he does after the Bowl Season is over.

Safety is one of the most important positions for any football team. The NFL is all about the spectacular play by those players who are playing the safety position. OSU does have some very talented safeties like Tyvis Powell and Darell Scott, but they need more help. They do not have a true number 1 safety. Braxton Kelley is a good strong safety, but he is not a true starting football star.

Linebackers are another group of young players with star potential. Joe Strong is one of the most athletic defensive players in the country and is expected to be one of the better sack makers in the league this year. He will be in the mix along with sophomores Eric Kendricks and Taiwan Johnson as well as freshmen Chris Carrance and Aaron Burroughs. All four are capable of producing results on an every-down basis. Expect strong performances from these youngsters.

NFL Players

Linebackers are perhaps the least heralded players on the Ohio State football team. However, they make up for it in so many other ways. They are extremely physical. They can line up in the box and rush the passer or they can execute various speciality roles on the defence.

Linebackers are also extremely nosey. They can quickly sniff outplays. Those that do not like the idea of being a nose tackle should probably consider being an inside linebacker. While this may not seem like a good skill, there are a lot of Ohio State players that fit this role.

There are some solid Ohio State players that play safety too. Safety is often the role that corners play. They are often tasked with stopping running backs from running past them and/or catching passes. OSU has some great safety talent.

Quarterbacks have been an outstanding position group over the years for Ohio State. Braxton Miller is coming back after a disappointing 2021 season. He has shown that he can carry the ball and he is more than capable of running the football. With two talented dual-threat signal-makers in Terry Johnson and Braxton Kubukoff, it is easy for the OSU fans to anticipate big things for this sophomore season.

A Much Ado

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Ohio State has some real talent on their offensive line. There are a number of young players that could end up starting at the right tackle for the foreseeable future. This unit is still developing but is loaded with NFL calibre players. Look for more breakout performances from this unit this season. You won’t be able to call them the new OSU bandwagons.

Running backs coach Erickson is also loading up on recruits. He is bringing in some top talent in the nation and there are only a few freshmen on the team. Tackle prospect Billy Price is the star so far and could end up being one of the best players in the country. OSU has some solid options at running back.

The secondary is loaded with Ohio State football stars too. Four of the five starting defensive backs are expected to breakouts this season. corners Calvin Pryor and Jordanaires are making solid plays as they target the football and break up the run. Cornerback Tracy Spiller continues to develop and has impressed coaches with his overall game. Spiller is a strong safety and an instinctive player. He should be a solid starter on the defensive line.

Final Thoughts

Linebackers coach Jim Morris has his young players calling his name. Sophomore Patrick Gasperson is the star so far. The athletic tandem of senior Taeguen Brown and sophomore Tyrell Means is making plays all over the field. sophomore Darius Miller looks like he will be a good player. Junior college transfer Jake Rudnick has impressed coaches with his work. So it looks like Ohio State will have quite a few young stars this season.

Ohio State football will once again be an interesting team to follow. They lost some key players in the offseason but they seem to be loading up on top prospects. They look like they are reloading and ready to make a run at the national championship. Make sure to follow all of the Ohio State sports teams and all of the fall camp practice sessions.

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