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The Cleveland Browns are on a tear, and many people are saying that they’re the worst NFL team ever. Why is that? Well, let’s look at the numbers and see if there’s any truth to the accusations. Take a look at the facts below and decide for yourself.

Just to re-state the obvious, the Dallas Cowboys is the biggest reason why the Eagles have been losing steadily, while the New York Giants has been hot, on the heels of the Cowboys. The argument being made here is that the Eagles and Giants are two evenly matched teams, and the Cowboys have been the superior defensive unit all year long. Okay, so, let’s look at the rest of the NFL.

The Houston Texans

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The Houston Texans is currently the worst NFL team in a weak division. Many experts have the Texans finishing somewhere between fifth and seventh, and the fact that the club has lost three straight to unproven teams spells trouble for Houston. The Texans also have a very weak defensive unit that allowed an NFL record 65 points against the Eagles last Sunday. How can the reeling Eagles hope to improve their overall standing in the playoffs?

The Tennessee Titans is one of the worst NFL teams in a loaded division. The Titans were outmanned and outgunned on national television against the Steelers, and they were not able to muster enough points to escape with a wild card appearance. Even if the Titans make a small turnaround this week, it will be very difficult for them to win the remaining games. The Tennessee Titans is in danger of joining the ranks of teams with a losing record in the postseason, and they can’t stand alone in the playoffs.

Bill Belichick

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One of the most interesting NBA playoff races is the Jets and Patriots rivalry. New York has the better defense, the better offense, and a better running back tandem, but the key to this game is the offensive line. Bill Belichick is not afraid to use his two best offensive lineman combination, including left tackle Todd Bowles and center Eric Mangini. The Jets have the tools to put up big numbers early but will need to find some success in the air and on the road to win their first Super Bowl in many years.

The Cleveland Browns are in the middle of a franchise overhaul. They replaced coach Mike Pettis with Rob Chudowski, who has only been with the Steelers for one season. The move represents a chance for the Browns to prove themselves, while helping to build a stronger roster for the future. It also gives the Browns a more talented roster than any other team in the NFL.

Carolina Panthers

One of the surprises of the NFL postseason is the Carolina Panthers. The Panthers were one of the most feared defensive teams last year and even fought their way into the playoffs only to lose to the eventual champions, the Green Bay Packers. However, Carolina has one of the highest-rated offenses in football, and their defense has allowed an average of 26 points per game.

Ending Note

In the latest edition of the NFL playoffs, one team has emerged as the clear worst NFL team. The Houston Texans have been shellacking their competition all season, winning their last three regular season games by a combined score of 140-point. In the playoffs, the offense is unstoppable, as quarterback Tom Brady has been great, while the defensive unit has been the strength of this team all season. It may be too early to crown the champions, but it is safe to say that the Houston Texans are the worst NFL team ever. Can the perennially poor Houston Texans win the Super Bowl in February?

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