NFL Team – Worst NFL Team Ever

worst nfl team ever

But if you ask me, I would vote for the Miami Dolphins over the Giants in a game that will determine who makes it into Super Bowl XLII. Here are some reasons why.

The Dolphins

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The Dolphins are a team that has never been afraid to lose. They have been afraid of the New York Giants all year. I don’t think anyone is afraid of the Giants. But I do think the Dolphins fear being behind the Giants, and that is exactly what happened last year when the Giants were down and out. If the Dolphins don’t win this year’s game, they will have never been able to overcome the situation.

Another reason to pick the Dolphins over the Giants is because the Dolphins play in the big games. The most important games on the year include the Wild Card and the Divisional playoff. Those two games to decide the fate of the season. And the Dolphins are the underdogs in both of them. That usually means they are going to come out on top.

The one thing that the Dolphins do better than any other team is keep their team chemistry as a high as possible. When the team is not together, things tend to go south. The New York Giants was known for never being able to get along. Even when they were playing well, there was friction between the players and the coaches.

Biggest Reasons The Dolphins Are A Good Choice

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One of the biggest reasons the Dolphins are a good choice to beat the Giants is because of the crowd at home. The crowd is always pumped up for a big game between the two teams. And the weather is perfect for a Miami Dolphins’ wins. The water and the heat make it a very attractive atmosphere for a game.

The Dolphins will always be in the spotlight for something that is going wrong in Miami. That is just how competitive the city and the team really are. They have been called the city that never sleeps. And you can expect that to continue this season. The Dolphins will be in the playoffs every year since the franchise was first founded in 1970.

The Miami Dolphins are the worst NFL team ever assembled. I would still give them the most chance to make the playoffs out of all of the bad teams. But the New York Giants might just be a better team for this year. That team features an awesome defensive unit, and a very productive offense. So that might be a better choice for a team that is going to be heading into the postseason with a much more realistic shot of winning the Super Bowl.

Last Words

So what do you think? Is the Dallas Cowboys the worst NFL team ever? Would you take the over the Packers in terms of the quality of play? Do you think that this is the season to make a move for the first overall pick in the draft?

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