NFL Team Rushing Stats – Le’Veon Bell Leads the Way

nfl team rushing stats

NFL team rushing stats are a great way to get a good idea of how your favorite players are doing and what they can do. They show you the success that some running backs have had when they are on the field. But it is not just the statistics that show the effectiveness of a player. Here are a few of the NFL team rushing stats that show why they are so important.

Running Back

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The running back is the focal point of any offense and no team wants to throw the ball to the running backs on a regular basis. That is why NFL team rushing stats are so important to consider. The running backs need to be able to carry the load and be counted on to make some big plays down the field for your offense. They must be able to create big gains with their passing, but they need to be able to do it consistently as well. That is something that only the best running backs can do.

Yards per carry is one of the more important NFL team rushing stats to take a look at. If you can carry the load to the end zone on every carry, then you are going to see an increase in points on your overall game. So it really does not matter which running back you choose as long as they can make it to the end zone on each carry. Some good running backs will be able to do this at an exceptional level, while others will struggle to do so.

Attacking Line

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What makes yards per carry such an important stat to take a look at is how a team attacks the football along the offensive line. When you have a running back that can run effectively around the tackles, the chances of big runs go up. This is especially true when you consider the age of some of the starters on many teams. NFL team rushing stats will show you that some of the younger backs may struggle to sustain carries because they lack the experience of older backs.

There are two types of NFL running backs that seem to be extremely productive on every team. These types of players are the big backs that people talk about all the time. Some of them have a very quick change of direction and are able to pick up a number of different moves within a play. Other running backs on bad teams seem to have trouble making it to the end zone on their carries. They are just not consistent enough or they do not have a good enough arm to consistently pick up huge chunks of yards.

Best Runners

So which NFL running back will have the most yards per carry for your fantasy team? That answer will come down to which team has the best runners. It is true that you will often times find a running back playing for a terrible team or a team that is suffering because it does not have a superstar player. However, there are some great NFL running backs out there that fit this mold too.


If you want to get a very solid grasp on NFL team rushing stats and use that to your benefit, Le’Veon Bell is the guy you need to target. He might not be the best running back on your team, but he is the best one for NFL team rushing stats. If you are an NFL team owner, then you need to start putting an emphasis on yards per carry and take Le’Veon Bell into consideration. If you do, you will have a tremendous advantage over other NFL teams when it comes to running the football.

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