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ESPN’s Football Outsiders embarked on a somewhat ambitious project, taking the best NFL teams from the past 30 seasons. ESPN’s analysts chose the top five teams every year and analyzed the teams from the numbers. The results were revealing. Not all teams are created equal.

The best teams from the previous decade were determined by their statistical performances. That is, they were judged according to wins, losses, yards allowed, points scored, and other numbers. ESPN’s experts looked at each team from the point at which it was picked as the best, then every week thereafter. They examined the performance of every player and the entire team.


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The NFL’s statistical elite were separated into two categories: Those teams that have made big changes in their statistics, such as the Redskins or Broncos, and those who haven’t. The difference between these two groups is striking.

The “big-time” teams are the ones that have made large adjustments in their stats. These teams have not only made significant changes in their past statistics, but they have made drastic shifts in their future performance as well. For instance, the Denver Broncos changed the offensive philosophy completely, drafting a slew of skill players with great potential, such as Braylon Edwards, Terrell Davis, and Randy Moss.

The NFL’s “underdog” category is comprised of the teams who have not made a dramatic change to their statistics. Teams like the Green Bay Packers, for example, are relatively unchanged over the years. Their success is built on solid defensive play, a strong running game, and some good defense on special teams.

Factors That Influence Ranking of Teams

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There were a number of factors that influenced the rankings of the teams. Teams that had recent histories of strong defensive play were ranked lower than teams with less impressive defenses. This is because teams with more successful defenses tend to perform better in the present.

The rankings of each team was also affected by the overall team performance. If a team was consistently better than its competition, then its ranking was higher than teams that consistently underperformed. This would indicate that teams with lower overall results have less overall impact on the NFL.

The rankings of the best teams in the NFL can help you decide if your favorite team should be considered among the league’s elite. As long as your team’s success reflects positively on your life, you’re ready to pick them to win the Super Bowl!

The rankings of the best NFL teams will likely continue to change over time. The NFL is still in the early stages of determining its standards for the best teams.

But for now, the NFL has established a few teams that are among the best. The list includes the San Francisco 49ers, New Orleans Saints, and Atlanta Falcons. These three teams have been around forever and are known for being a formidable opponent. They’ve consistently won big games and have won multiple Super Bowls.

The next three teams on the list are the Chicago Bears, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Detroit Lions. Each of these teams has come to the big game once and lost. Each has also placed well in their own division.


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have been an interesting case study in how the NFL ranks teams. The Buccaneers have a very impressive record, but they have also posted the lowest winning percentage in their division. These teams were rewarded for their consistency by being placed on the worst team’s list.

With so many factors that influence the NFL’s rankings, there’s a chance that new teams will rise up in the near future. As long as the top few are firmly entrenched, it is unlikely that anyone can beat them out. That leaves the best NFL teams as the ones we have today.

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