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During its only season, the club was stationed in Dallas, Hershey, Pennsylvania, and Akron, Ohio. Following the team’s demise, the league gave its interests to the new Baltimore Colts (now the Indianapolis Colts).


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The financially challenged New York Yanks team, initially formed as the Dayton Triangles, was sold after the 1951 season. Ted Collins (1900–1964) created the Boston Yanks in 1944 in Boston, Massachusetts, then relocated it to New York City in 1949 as the New York Bulldogs and briefly renamed it the Yanks again in 1950. Collins sold the franchise back to the League after failing to find a buyer.

On January 29, 1952, a Dallas-based consortium led by Giles Miller and his brother, Connell, sealed the purchase of what was ostensibly a new franchise—the first-ever major league sports club headquartered in Texas. It did, however, acquire the whole Yankees’ previous roster. As a result, the Millers effectively purchased the Yankees and relocated them to Dallas. 

The Cotton Bowl, the home stadium of the SMU Mustangs of Southern Methodist University, was set to host home games. The Millers wanted to name the team the Rangers at first, but subsequently changed their minds and opted on the Texans.

The Millers believed that big-growing Texas, with its long-standing support for college football, would be a logical match for the NFL to go farther south and west, and the club owners agreed with an 11–1 vote. However, the opening game of the season, against the New York Giants, set the tone for the rest of the season. 

While the Texans scored the first touchdown, they failed to convert the extra point. They never reached the end zone again and were defeated 24–6. Only 17,499 spectators attended the inaugural game at the Cotton Bowl (capacity 75,000), which proved to be another omen for the club. 

Attendance continued to drop as the team’s defeats mounted and it showed little signs of being competitive. The nadir was a November 9 game versus the Los Angeles Rams, which drew barely 10,000 people.

Facts About NFL team

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  • Professional football returned to Dallas eight years later, when the American Football League (AFL) established one of its eight original members (also known as the Texans) in the city. The NFL would return the next year with the Dallas Cowboys.
  •  Both clubs subsequently became considerably more successful, both on and off the field, however, only the Cowboys remained in Dallas, while the AFL Texans relocated to Kansas City and were renamed the Chiefs after three seasons in Dallas. The Texans nickname would be revived four decades later when the NFL established the Houston Texans as its 32nd club.
  • Since their death, the Dallas Texans have been considered as the last NFL club to completely fail and cease operations. Despite the fact that the players and assets remained contiguous, neither the Colts, nor the AFL Texans/Chiefs, nor the Cowboys, nor the contemporary NFL Texans claim any link with the previous 1952 Texans team or its antecedent Dayton Triangles.


In 2019, the Texans earned their second division title, followed by a victory in the postseason wild-card round before being ousted in the division round by the Kansas City Chiefs.

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