NFL Team Expansion: Cities That Deserve The Next Expansion Franchise

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NFL team expansion proposes to form a new team in a sports league from a city, which has not hosted the team before. However, the team has created intending to satisfy the demand for the local team. As we know, the raiders have played their 2020-21 National Football League or NFL season in a new city, Las Vegas. After relocating from San Diego and St. Louis, in 2015 and 2016, the LA rams and charges have started playing in the SoFi Stadium. With the NFL already at 32 teams, teams will likely relocate rather than expand. However, all stadiums get old, and as leases inch closer to expiration, opportunities arise for cities to become the prime candidates to entice franchise owners to relocate. Here are some cities that deserve to be the prime candidate and the next expansion franchise. 

San Antonio, Texas

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San Antonio is flourishing and is only eighty miles away from Austin. However, the T.V. market in this city is more prominent than in Las Vegas, Kansas City, and Cincinnati. The city’s Alamo dome is ready for the NFL football, and the recent recipient of a $60 million renovation to modernize the venue has been completed. Whether Texas can host a third team, completing the ‘Texas Triangle’ and the Dallas Cowboys and Houston Texans is the biggest question that remains to be seen. 

Portland, Oregon

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Delta dome was the largest covered stadium over the globe, but it never went ahead. Portland has the 22nd largest Tv market in America and 11 current NFL teams, including Nashville, Baltimore, and Kansas City. However, the city has excellent support for its team. Now the great question is whether northwest will support two teams with the Seahawks already based in Seattle.

However, the biggest thing going against Portland is it lacks a base for potential corporate sponsors. Any stadium funding planning would likely face heavy push back from the Portland taxpayer.

Mexico City, Mexico

As we know that, three often, the largest crowds in history for an NFL game were in Mexico City. In the year 1994, the Dallas Cowboys played the Houston Oilers in front of around 112000 people. However, the NFL estimates that there are over 22 Million NFL fans in Mexico who will support their team. Apart from that, geographically, Mexico is better suited than London, and the city would be ideal for the next international expansion for the NFL.

Oakland California

The Raiders’ franchise is wandering. The team Known as the Oakland Raiders from 1960-81 moved to Los Angeles from 1982-94 before a move back to Oakland. However, the riders played in the second smallest stadium in the NFL at an aging Oakland Coliseum. Then, the city failed to propose an adequate solution, and thus, the NFL decided to relocate for the franchise. A great solution may be for the Raiders to play home games in NFL out of Levi’s Stadium, with Santa Clara 42 miles out of Oakland. These are the cities that deserve the NFL team’s Expansion for the next season.

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