NFL Team Defense Rankings – What Does The Official Website Say

nfl team defense rankings

The NFL is the abbreviated form of National Football League. The season of the NFL starts in the month of September in the United States. There are 32 NFL Teams, and they are divided into two conferences, viz, the American football conference and the national football conference. Each conference is divided into four splits- the north, south, west, and east. Every team plays three-division matches two times each in the regular season. In 2020, there have been only 14 teams.

Here Are Some Interesting Facts

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● According to the official website of NFL football, Pittsburgh Steelers have owned the title of NFL’s best defense. The Pittsburgh Steelers have reached the top by a wide margin in disruptions, QB pressure percentage hurries, and owned a 38 pressure lead. Even Pittsburgh is the one and only team to set a benchmark by crossing the previous 34 percent disruption rate. The disruption rate of Pittsburgh is about 40.7 percent. The star performer from the team was T. J. Watt. The splendid performance by him had helped his team to secure the first position. He surpassed Myles Garrett from Cleveland in disruption rates. Pittsburgh’s success was a complete team effort. The other players who also played a vital role from Pittsburgh’s side were Devin Bush, Bud Dupree.

● The second spot of NFL ranking is grabbed by New Orleans Saints. The saints were able to win by putting pressure on the opposition team relentlessly. They are ranked as second in quarterback pressure rate, total pressures, and a disruption rate of 33.8 percent. The extraordinary performance by Trey Hendrickson has to lead the team to the second position.

● The Los Angeles Rams have ranked third on the list. Again, Aaron Donald, the star player of the Rams, has been giving nightmares to the opposition.

● The Washington football team has managed to stay in the fourth position.

● The fifth spot is secured by the team Indianapolis Colts.

● Sixth is none other than the Miami Dolphins.

● The seventh position was given to the San Francisco 49ers.

● Tampa Bay Buccaneers have given the eighth position on the list.

● Unexpectedly, Baltimore Ravens have climbed up to the ninth spot.

● The tenth rank is given to the team New York Giants. The giants are beginning to peek around the corner toward legitimacy, and they are doing this by shutting down the run and moreover forcing the teams to throw.


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The above mentioned ten teams are on the list of the NFL’s best defensive team of 2020. The rankings may vary from website to website. But we think every team that has been secured rank is not merely good but brilliant in their work. Some are good at disruption rate, while some are at defense and attack. These rankings are given for one year and change every year with the change of the performance of the players. Each team has the opportunity to hold the title of best only if they do dedicate hard work.

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