NFL Players Arrested- News To Check Out

nfl players arrested

It is an undeniable fact that we all are in love with the NFL gameplay and we do not want to miss out on any match. But did you know that much of the news comprises of NFL players arrested and all of them are for domestic abuse? This news has taken over more than once and it is high time you started giving attention to this problem as well. Now more and more people are giving attention to the connection between football players and domestic violence. Here is some of the news that you would want to lay your hands on.

Melvin Gordon- NFL Players Arrested

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Melvin Gordon was one of the most amazing players in the NFL and he belonged to the DEN team. He was arrested for drunk driving as well as speeding in Denver. His arrest date was the 13th of October 2020 and it was a minor case. There is no outcome as yet because the resolution is undetermined.

Jarron Jones

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Jarron Jones was arrested for domestic violence and he was a very aggressive player. But he was also an aggressive individual in his personal life which is why he was arrested for charges of aggravated assault. You try to strangle someone and also he was abusive towards his girlfriend in Pittsburgh. He was arrested on the date 3rd October 2020 and there is no possible outcome as yet.

Isaiah Wilson-NFL Players Arrested

Wilson was one of the most famous players who had a fantastic career till the time of his arrest. His case is open and pending resolution but he was arrested for domestic violence. Besides being a fabulous player he was very aggressive and abusive which ended his career. behavioral problems and was sentenced to jail.

Kam Moore

This player was arrested 2 years ago and he used to play for the NYG team. This person was accused of punching a woman and he even stepped on his neck in the union country. The case was later dismissed by the judge but there was enormous media coverage regarding this case. His case is just like Tyrel Dodson who was accused of hitting his girlfriend causing damage to the front door in Scottsdale.

Will Parks

This case came up four years ago when he was arrested when he was playing for the DEN team. He was one of the most popular players and his guilt was harassment and non-physical domestic violence. He caused this domestic violence on his former girlfriend and this case remains with a resolution undetermined. He used to be a stalker and Will Parks case was one of the most notable ones in the NFL teams.

Montee Ball-NFL Players Arrested

He was a popular player who was arrested five years ago when he was playing for the NE team. His conduct was not upto the mark and he beat his girlfriend in the face. He also pleaded guilty to two charges he spent 60 days in jail after which he got out on probation. The NFL team released him in the next week itself for his unworthy conduct.


These are just a few names among all the players who have been arrested by the NFL teams.

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