NFL Injuries And It’s Seriousness To the Sport

Injuries are an unavoidable part of every sport. Just like every other outdoor sport, football also has a long list of NFL injuries. The NFL is the richest and the most popular sports championships in the United States.

With more than 16 million football watchers in the United States, the market of advertisements, merchandise, and other accessories associated with the NFL is also rich. Thus, it goes without saying that any major or minor injury suffered by any player doesn’t go unnoticed. Here are a few NFL injuries that proved to be a game-changer. 

  • Game-changer injuries.
  • There are several incidents of injuries in NFL tournaments that have flipped the game or completely changed the life of the player. Sometimes, these injuries have even proved fatal as the player’s career has also ended. 

Game-Changing NFL Injuries

NFL Injuries And It’s Seriousness To the Sport
  1. Rashad Johnson: In 2013, Rashad Johnson, a player of Arizona Cardinals, suffered a fatal injury at the hands of Adrian Peterson of Minnesota Vikings. Adrian rushed towards Rashad after a side punk. But in a very weird moment, it was found that Rashad has suffered a cut in his finger. Later, both his fingers were removed in an operation. 
  2. Joe Theismann: Joe was at the peak of his career when, in 1985, in a match against New York Giants, Theismann ended up with a brutally broken leg that was telecast on television. This ended his injury completely. 
  3. Johny Knoxx: Johny Knoxx of Chicago Bears experienced a near-death experience while playing against Seattle seahawks. The defender of Seattle seahawks mistakenly hit Johnny in the back when he fumbled over a pass. This injury proved fatal as Johnny was hit in the vertebra. His career ended here. 

Other NFL Injuries

NFL Injuries And It’s Seriousness To the Sport
  1. Dennis Byrd: Back in 1992, Dennis was a defensive player for the New York Giants. He was 26 when, in a match against the Washington redskins, his head collided with a cosplayer’s chest. He suffered temporary paralysis. With sufficient treatment, he was able to walk again. 
  2. Leonard Weaver: Leonard, a player of Philadelphia Eagles, played his last match in 2010 when his leg bent sideways in a match against Green Bay Packers. His injuries later forced him to retire. 
  3. Eugene Wilson: In 2009, Eugene suffered a knee injury which made him miss a half-season. His career finally ended as he was never able to recover from the injury. 

Most Probable Injury Zone

The most probable injury zones in the game of football, are the knee injuries. Often, these injuries changed the fate of the game. While at other instants, these injuries ended the player’s career. 


NFL is a popular game championship in the United States. The popularity of the game has made the NFL the most earning tournaments in the states. The above article presents a brief description of some major injuries in the history of the NFL.

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