NFL Football And Some Fascinating Facts On The Game

NFL, an acronym for the National football league, is one of the most popular football championships in the United States of America.  It began in 1920, to uplift the standard of football in the United States. Back then, it only consisted of 14 teams namely.  

It consists of two main conferences, namely – the American Football Conference and National Football Conference, among which the 32 teams are equally divided.

Format Of The League

The games played under the NFL are divided into three different sessions. It begins with a 4-week pre-season session followed by a regular session where each team plays 16 games. Then comes the season play-off consisting of 12 teams which for the final championship game. Sundays account for the most number of matches. However, weekly Monday night and Thursday night matches are also kept.

NFL Football And Some Fascinating Facts On The Game

Present-Day Teams Of NFL

There are 32 team clubs in the NFL, which are divided into two conferences of 16 teams each. These team clubs are further sub-divided into groups of four members each.

The teams are as follows – ‘Arizona cardinals’, ‘Chicago bears’, ‘New York Giants’, ‘Green Bay Packers’, ‘Detroit lions’, ‘Cleveland browns’, ‘Indianapolis colts’, ‘Dallas Cowboys’, ‘Kansas City chiefs’, ‘Los Angeles Chargers’, ‘Washington redskins’, ‘Philadelphia eagles’, ‘Los Angeles Rams’, ‘Pittsburgh steelers’, ‘San Francisco 49ers’ ‘Denver Broncos’, ‘New York jets’, ‘New England Patriots’, ‘ Miami dolphins’, ‘New Orleans saints’, ‘Cincinnati bengals’, ‘Seattle Seahawks’, ‘Tampa Bay buccaneers’, ‘Oakland Raiders’, ‘Tennessee Titans’, ‘Buffalo bills’, ‘Minnesota Vikings’, ‘Atlanta falcons’ ‘Carolina Panthers’, ‘Jacksonville jaguars’, ‘Baltimore ravens’, and ‘Houston texans’.

Sources Of Income Of The NFL

NFL Football And Some Fascinating Facts On The Game

The NFL is the most popular sports league in the United States of America. The NFL had the status of a non-profit organization since 1947. However, in 2015, the team gave up its status as a tax-exempt organization. Now it exists as a trade association, whose business is to attain great heights in the coming time.

Most of the revenue earned by them comes from TV Shows. Other sources of revenue include ticket sales, merchandising, license rights, etc. The revenue in the last season was $15 billion.

Future Expansion Plans Of The NFL

The revenues of the NFL have readily increased in recent times.

TV – For those who believe that the culture of TV is becoming extinct, it might be wrong when it comes to Football. The value of team TV deals has sky-shot in recent times, and a greater rise is imminent.

Streaming rights – The streaming of live football games earned about $2.5 billion for NFL in 2018. Online streaming platforms are paying huge sums to obtain streaming rights.

Trading – Since the team has become a non-profit organization, one can now invest money in its shares. Trading is also a growing stream for the NFL.


The formation of the National Football league in 1920 served as a key step in channelizing the Young talent of football enthusiasts in America. With more than 16 million watchers of football I America, the market of streaming live games on television and other online streaming platforms have also increased. This has resulted in great growth in revenue.

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