NFL Draft Live – The Biggest Football Event

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NFL draft is an annual event that helps in the selection and recruitment of the players, also called the player selection meeting. In the draft, the teams are given a position or ranking, which is in a reversed sequence based on their previous performances.

From this draft, a team may change their draft position with other teams or a player or a multitude of players, and it can also select a player. One round of the draft is said to be completed when each team has either traded their position or selected a player.

Earlier, the draft used to be held for an audience present in different cities like Chicago, New York City, and Dallas, but now live streaming of the draft during the prime time also takes place, which is called NFL draft live. NFL draft usually takes place in April or May.

The Need For It’s Forming

NFL Draft Live – The Biggest Football Event

The NFL draft was formed so that all players get equal opportunities to get selected in teams and to play. Several cases happened where the absence of such a draft resulted in players leaving the team for other teams, offering the higher bid or players choosing a more prestigious team than their former teams.

The American football player Stan Kostka played for the Minnesota Gophers in the early 1930s and led his team undefeated in the season. Stan Kostka was wanted by every NFL team, so he decided to wait and choose the team owner of an NFL team from Brooklyn, offering the highest bid of 5000 American dollars. This bidding competition between the team owners led to the NFL form a draft for the selection of eligible players.

NFL Draft – Then And Now

On February 8, 1936, The Ritz-Carlton hotel in Philadelphia was the place where the first draft was held. The names of the players from which the draft is to be prepared were written on aboard. A total of ninety players were included in the first NFL draft; and they were chosen based on the print media, magazines, local college visits; as well as recommendations to the selecting officials.

The draft lasted 9 rounds over a period, as well as it was not covered by any type of media. 81 players were selected through this draft, out of which only 24 students played.

NFL Draft Live – The Biggest Football Event

The televised NFL draft was first brought by ESPN. It broadcasted the draft on weekdays. But then switched to broadcasting them on the weekends, which showed a peak in viewer ratings. Various other companies like ABC, NBC, and Fox followed suit. They started their coverage and broadcasting programs for the NFL draft.

Rules For Drafting The NFL Draft

There are some rules which are followed while drafting.

  • Passed out of high school for at least three years is a primary requirement for the players.
  • The teams are arranged with the winning team of the previous scene positioned at the lowest level; as well as the non-playoff teams at the highest position.


The National football league draft is named on the year in which the draft is held, like the draft for 2019. It is a very effective way for the selection of players. The draft is based on their performances of the last season. It allows for players who are not very famous for being included in the sport.

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