NFL 100 All Time Team – Lets Make it Work

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The NFL 100 All-Time Team is composed of the best players from the history of the game. They are ranked in order of their contribution to their team’s success. Not only are they ranked, but they have also been given a number of awards as well. These are the most prestigious among them. But what makes them so reputable?

It is no secret that the NFL has the most loyal fans in the world. And to have your jersey hanging in such a prominent location just adds to the passion of so many. So what makes the NFL 100 all-time team?

An Overview

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The NFL 100 was assembled based on the All-Time Team and presented to the public. Each year this list of the greatest players in the game is selected and placed in an appropriate spot. In addition to the great players, there are some that have been inducted into the Hall of Fame. These are the people who deserve our appreciation the most.

One of the most obvious choices for this honor is a player that has retired already. It is not uncommon for present players to be featured on this list as well. Joe Montana is one example. He is not only a five-time first team all-time starter, but he is a two-time MVP and twice player of the year.

Charles Johnson, another player that deserves consideration, is a running back with the Vikings. He is coming off of a breakout year in which he rushed for over 1,500 yards. He is also one of just three players in the entire league to rush for over 1,000 yards in consecutive seasons. He is in his prime now at age 34. As he enters his 3rd season in the NFL, he is on the cusp of earning his first trip into the Hall-of-Fame.

NFL 100 All Time Team

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A quarterback has to be chosen even if he is healthy. Tom Brady is eligible and he is going to have a shot at winning the Super Bowl again. He is older than Brett Favre, but he is also considered a better player. A couple of other names to keep an eye out for include Philip Rivers and Alex Smith. It should be easy to make a choice.

Of course, it will not be easy. There are so many deserving players that either missed the cut or played well enough to earn a trip to the top of the list. I give Favre a fighting chance, but there is a good chance that he will not be voted in as he is tied for the most votes among offensive players.

The NFL 100 all-time lists are fun and intriguing. I am always very curious as to which players will be included next. Who knows, you might be able to pick my favorite. If you do decide to make a choice, then good luck. Enjoy your search.

One interesting choice to make is whether to put a player in the same category as a Hall-Of-Fame player or a player who just made a huge play. Michael Vick is up for the Hall this year and he deserves to be in. However, some fans and experts disagree and think a player who made a great play does not deserve to be in the Hall.

The NFL 100 all-time list includes some interesting players who were productive during their careers. Joe Montana is up after his retirement and he deserves a spot as he was one of the greatest passers in the history of the game. When he was with the Raiders he set the single-season record for completions. Other notable players on the list are Terry Bradshaw, John Elway, Emmitt Smith, and Tom Brady.

After you make your choices, then you can enjoy finding other things about the NFL. The NFL draft gives us another great peek at what NFL teams are planning to do in the upcoming years. We learned this year that the Dallas Cowboys will draft Johnny Football. The New Orleans Saints also has an all time running back in running back Marion Barber. The St. Louis Rams has drafted tackle Charlie Frye and the Cleveland Browns have picked Ra Pettis.

In The End

Remember, it’s fun to choose the best NFL 100 all time team. Of course, there are certain players who should be taken ahead of the rest. These are the players who had the best careers. But it is also important to take a look at the younger players who might be eligible for the Hall-Of-Fame someday and might not be as good as the guys who are already in the Hall. So make sure you take a look at the NFL 100 all-time list before you make your final decision on players to add to your roster.

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