New Generation Of Nfl Quarterbacks – Does Brett Favre Stack Up Against Them

As per ESPN, Drew Brees Net Worth is estimated at $44.8 million, which makes him the highest-paid player in the NFL. He is listed as the 67th best player on the Celebrity 100 list and the 22nd best player on the Top 100 list.

Many people are surprised to see Drew Brees listed as the starter for the New Orleans Saints during the 2008 season. This may be a surprise, because prior to this, he had been traded to the New York Giants as part of a trade for a first-round draft pick in the 2006 NFL draft. In many ways, Brett Favre was considered the face of the franchise for the New Orleans Saints but Brees, who were coming off of his most successful season, seemed to have found his niche as the starter.

 Brett Favre Is The Starting Quarterback For The New Orleans Saints

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Now, however, Brett Favre is the starting quarterback for the New Orleans Saints and Drew Brees has established himself as one of the greatest passers in the history of the game. Brees has played twelve seasons in the NFL and has reached the All-Pro team six times, reached the Super Bowl three times, earned a ring with the Giants and is now one of the most accomplished quarterbacks in the game. Now, does this make him the greatest NFL quarterback of all time? This seems to be the question that many are asking. Does Brett Favre still holds the title of the greatest NFL quarterback ever? Some will say he does but others will say that Brees deserves to be in a class of his own when it comes to being considered as one of the greatest ever.

Share Of Memorable Moments 

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Of course, Brett Favre has made his share of memorable moments during his time with the Saints but does he really hold the title of the greatest NFL quarterback of all time? The answer to this question may very well be no but that does not mean that another quarterback is not capable of having a great career in the NFL. Brett Favre may have a large number of fans following him around but does that make him the best quarterback in the National Anthem. One would have to answer the question with a very strong yes.

When we look at the numbers, Brett Favre is on the same level as some of the greatest football players in the history of the game, but is he worthy of such a status? His current salary is nearly two million dollars less than that of Tom Brady and when you factor in his career statistics, he is actually worth slightly more than that. So, while there are many New Orleans fans that will be upset at the amount of money that Brett is earning, there is no doubt that he deserves it.

Last  Words 

Now, is it possible that Tom Brady will be able to earn the same earnings that Brett Favre is earning now? I honestly don’t think so. However, it is also unlikely that either one of them will fall any further than they are right now. The question then becomes, who will be able to catch Brett Favre’s attention in the next twelve months to one year that Tom Brady is still on the NFL stage. I would say that the answer is very likely to be Michael Vick. It would not be surprising if he ends up being the highest-paid athlete of the new century.

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