Is Drew Brees Married And What We Know About His Children

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We all know how amazing Drew Brees is on the football field. This quarterback of the New Orleans Saints who never fails to shatter new records in every season of the NFL. And with every big win, we have always seen Drew Brees enjoy it with his wife and children on the sidelines. And this has attracted a lot of fans’ attention to his personal life.

In this article, we’re going to discuss the personal life of the great footballer Drew Brees, who he is married to, and how many children he has. We will also discuss the net worth of this great footballer.

So, let’s begin…

Who Is He Married To?

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Drew Brees married Britany Dudchenko in 2003 who he met at a party when they were both attending Purdue University. After the first meeting, they dated each other for a little while. And then they engaged and married each other with a minimal ceremony.

In the very same year, these two started Brees Dream Foundation which has a mission to make children’s life happier, helping needy families, and improve the lives of various cancer patients.

At first, these two moved to California when Drew enrolled in the football team, San Diago Chargers. However, after Hurricane Katrina devastated the city, these two moved to Big Easy. And Drew also changed his football franchise to New Orleans Saints during the process. Today, Drew Brees lives in Louisiana with his wife and four children

The Children Of Drew Brees

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Do you remember the famous and cute moment when Drew was holding his eldest son, Baylen after the Saints defeated the Colts in 2009?

Baylen, their eldest son, born in the same year just a few months before Drew won a very big game. Later, the Brees couple had two more sons in 2010 and 2012. Their name is Bowen and Callen. Drew Brees also had a daughter in 2014 making a total of four children in the family.

Drew admitted that his sons are already following in his footsteps and they started training for football and they wish to play football too. As for his daughter Rylen, she apparently has her father wrapped around her fingertips.

His Net Worth

According to the latest estimation, Drew Brees currently has a net worth of over $100 million and this keeps increasing over the years. Most of this money came to his possession thanks to his amazing contract with his team, New Orleans Saints and other bonuses.

But that’s not the whole story either. According to Forbes, Drew Brees made a lot of his money through multiple lucrative endorsement deals with several brands. The report says that he pulls in more than $12 million a year from his deals with Nike, Pepsi Co., and Wrangler.

And if that wasn’t all, then he pulls in quite a handsome sum of money from his tweets. According to Opendorse, a lot of people and brands contacted Drew Brees for endorsing them through tweets. And he reportedly charges as much as $13,000 per endorsed tweet which reaches to his millions of followers.

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