Information About the Alabama NFL Team

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The Alabama National Football League has been one of the most storied and successful professional sports teams in the United States. As the name implies, the Tide is known for their never-ending battle with the rest of the football leagues from coast to coast. They have won six championships and are considered to be one of the greatest teams in all of American professional sports. The Tide’s unmatched success has earned them a steady stream of high profile endorsers such as Hollywood stars like Arnold Schwarzenegger. It seems as if every celebrity that you can think of is affiliated or even has an agent associated with the Tide.

An Overview

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The Tide has also managed to attract a number of fans who follow their games and the team on a daily basis. This has helped them to keep up with the other powerful football teams in the league. This year they are in their second season. Though they started out with just a couple of players, they quickly added some star players through the draft. These new additions have helped to make this a very exciting team to watch and to be a part of.

The Tide plays their games at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. This is the largest stadium in the world and was built by the legendary coach Ray Morris. It can hold 90 acres of space and has seating that can go up to ninety-two hundred people. The stadium has been named the best in the NFL for the past three years. Even though it may not be as large as the AstroTurf or the lesser known college stadiums, it is definitely an awesome setting to play at and will always be a fun place to be.

Alabama NFL Team Information

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The Tide’s mascot is the Muscle Hamster. He is a purple and black creature that is half-tera flexible. The team gave him his name as an homage to the University of Alabama itself. He is only three inches long and weighs around two and a quarter pounds. He is strong and flexible and can move swiftly on his two legs. When he needs to go, he simply stands up.

The Tide has a lot of other team themed decorations besides their unique mascot and all of them are extremely popular. There is a wide variety of different helmets that the players can wear including the national title helmet that was worn during the Sugar Bowl victory by the Tide last year. There are also other specialty helmets as well. Each week a new set of helmets will be released, so fans will never run out of style.

Another popular item that you will find on the Alabama NFL team website is a jersey. This is sold separately but can be purchased as a gift for someone who is a die-hard fan. They can also be purchased as memorabilia. They can be purchased as a full jersey, a partial jersey, a practice jersey or even a jersey that has the team logo on it. You can also purchase game day stuff if you are unable to make it to the stadium on game day.

If you have been to an Alabama football game, you know that the field is like something out of a movie. The fans are rowdy and you can be sure that there will be lots of people wearing their Alabama gear. On game days you will see the best of the fans as they wear their colors to support their team. It is not uncommon to see tons of tailgating before games too. It can get really crazy.

In The End

If you have not been able to experience the fun that you can when you are at an Alabama home game then you should try it. You cannot ask for better weather during this time of the year. Take your family out and enjoy the atmosphere. It can be a very magical experience.

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