Game of Detective – Darts Brees

drew brees undercover boss

The novel has a fast pace and contains many comic scenes and colorful descriptions of the colorful Middle East and its myriad cultures. The character’s nicknames reflect their location and experience: “Basta,” “Chico,” and “Dreads,” all names from an assortment of countries and areas of Belize, as well as their code name, “Winds.”

Know About D Drawn Brees

One of the main characters, D Drawn Brees, is a former car thief turned into a CIA agent. It is revealed in the novel that he had been instructed by his superior, Colonel West, to locate and bring down a drug lord on behalf of the Agency. So he goes into the drug lab and finds a gun, but without any guns. With the help of a group of informers including his girlfriend, he finds out that the man has hundreds of kilos of cocaine and handguns hidden in several safe houses. To complicate matters, he learns that the man has also hundreds of kilos of cash. It is then revealed that the boss of the operation, known as the Baron, is protected by several bodyguards.

Determined to find out who he is, Darts attempts to ask the boss’ valet for information. However, the valet refuses to tell him anything, citing safety concerns. Darts is then assigned to the task of finding the boss, who he discovers to be an aging bus conductor. Before leaving, he overhears a conversation between Baron and his bodyguard who refer to him as Windy.

Windy Waiting

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Arriving at his apartment, Darts sees Windy waiting for him and offers to take him to his yacht. As they walk toward the yacht, Darts overhears conversations between the boss and Windy. The boss informs Windy that he is going to Africa and expects him to join him there. When asked why he needs him, the boss reveals that he needs a double agent to pose as a wealthy South American – and a high-roller.

With the help of his new contact, Darts gets inside the yacht. He then sneaks onto the yacht and meets with the boss who welcomes him. He then proceeds to record the whole encounter and asks the boss to give him his money.

When asked why he needs money, the boss tells him that he needs it to pay off some debts. Darts realizes that the money is connected to the drug business. When he realizes this, he goes back to his hideout and tries to convince Windy to help him but Windy is too suspicious. After a few minutes, he goes back to his hideout and finds out that Darts is already at the yacht and preparing to leave. Just then, a heavily-padded figure with dark skin walks in and demands to know where Darts is.

Darts is then taken to a cell where he is tortured for several hours. When he recovers enough to see his reflection in the mirror, he realizes that he is wearing a wire. The next day, Darts is asked by his captor to meet him at a certain location. As he walks up to the meeting place, he overhears conversations about the boss and his connection with a drug called Piss. He then decides to help his friend by informing him that the Piss drug is dangerous and that it killed his friend. Before leaving, Darts’ friend tells him that he would like to kill Darts if he ever comes across him because of his connection with Piss.

Summing Up

Darts is then given twenty-five minutes to escape. On the way out, he passes through a bar where he encounters Windy and his other two friends. However, despite the threat, he decides to stay behind and tell Windy that he has evidence of a drug ring being run in his boss’s office. He tells them that he will give them all of the information if they will help him get out of the Yacht Club.

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