Funniest Nfl Players Names And Other Concepts You Should Know

funniest nfl players names

The NFL is one of the most popular sports in America with devoted fans from all over the country breaking television viewership records by pulling in some of the highest numbers for television viewership. The sport is loved by everyone and is watched with complete devotion since the representative team for any city can compete at the Super Bowl and all of these teams have an equal chance of winning. The American National Football League has plenty of players with various cultural and racial backgrounds, thereby leading to some of the funniest NFL players’ names. A few of them are as follows. This article contains some of the funniest names of NFL players. We hope this article gives you clarity.

Funniest NFL Players Names – Earthwind Moreland

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It may be unbelievable to believe that such a name exists, but Earthwind Moreland was an actual cornerback who played in several teams including the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, New York Jets, Cleveland Browns, and the New England Patriots. He even participated and won in the Super Bowl XXXIX against the Philadelphia Eagles when he was a part of the Patriots’ team. However, his career had come to a halt more than over a decade ago in 2006.

Funniest NFL Players Names – Nick Toon

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Although his name was Nick at birth, his last name right beside it makes everyone think of the popular children’s television channel, Nickelodeon. Nick Toon was the son of former New York Jets receiver, but he failed to make an impact as strong as his father did and even missed one of the crucial seasons due to an injury. He was removed from the Los Angeles Rams in 2015 and has not picked up his football career ever since.

Funniest NFL Players Names – Guy Whimper

Another former player of the NFL, Guy Whimper played offensive tackle for the Jacksonville Jaguars from 2010-2012 and the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2013 only to end his career there. However, he was drafted by the New York Giants in 2006 and played for them until 2009. He was born in Hawaii and went on to play college football at East Carolina University and made his way to the NFL where he has played a total of 78 games but has started only 28.


If you would like to learn more about the stars, you should first learn about these three. There is so much more to learn about NFL games and it is popular all over the world. The money invested for each league cannot exceed the amount invested by another even when it comes to acquiring a team full of All-Stars, making it equal and fair for all since the revenue shared between the different teams are provided with sufficient amounts for a quality football team on the field. However, the NFL coming out with players having the most unique and sometimes comical names is definitely a fan favorite that is hard to miss and people even remember these players better due to their unforgettable names!

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