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For sports fans visiting or living in London, there is one sport which stands head and shoulders above all others in the nation’s capital, and that’s football.

London has 13 professional football teams, with 5 of those teams competing at the top level in the English Premier League. Of these top-flight teams, Arsenal and Chelsea hold the most prestige in terms of recent honors, but on their day, Tottenham Hotspur, West Ham, and Fulham are all capable of troubling even the best at their respective home grounds.

Football London

For visiting fans, getting to most of London’s football stadia is relatively straightforward given the city’s comprehensive public transport network. In fact, as most of the Premier League grounds are serviced by either a regular bus route or are in close proximity to an underground station, this means the car can be left at home.

Ticket prices vary depending on the stadium of choice, your seat, and the opponents on the day. It’s not surprising that tickets to watch Arsenal and Chelsea are amongst the more expensive in the Premier League, whilst the general availability of tickets – particularly for the big matches – can often be scarce. But a bit of forwarding planning will pay dividends, especially if you get to see the top teams battle it out in front of a packed stadium.

Indeed, just being in the stadium and taking in the atmosphere is worth the entry fee alone. London derbies always provide fanatical support, and the same can be said when other big teams such as Manchester United or Liverpool come to town. The average capacity of Premier League grounds in London is around 40,000 supporters. Arsenal’s newly built Emirates Stadium is the exception at over 60,000; however, plans to build a new stadium for Tottenham Hotspur are well underway.

Football Experience In London

A football player holding a football ball

Of course, the ultimate football experience in London is to watch a game at the new 90,000 capacity Wembley Stadium. The stadium is famed for its history and the striking tall Arch that spans high above the stadium, which can be seen from across London. Some of the most important matches in the football calendar are played out at Wembley, so be sure to purchase a ticket if you get the chance.

A visit to London has much to offer, but as you can see, it is far from complete without taking in the city’s favored sport. But it is important to plan your journey in advance if you wish to experience a football game on your visit, as match tickets to the top games – as well as the availability of the London hotels – can book up fast.

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Bottom Line

London is the center of many things in the United Kingdom – its bustling business center, its myriad tourist attractions, and its top-quality restaurants have people heading to the capital for all sorts of reasons.

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