Epic Details On The Touchdown

A Touchdown is a scoring criterion used in the American football league. It is scored when a team manages to kick the ball towards the end zone of the opponents. The end zone contains a goal-line which, when crossed, gives an advantage to the offense team. This provides six points to the playing team.

Description Of A Touchdown

If you are a football fan and you sit down as well as watch the game without knowing its rules, then the game would not be as enjoyable as it should be. It will also be difficult to follow the game and understand what the players are doing. So if you don’t have much idea about a touchdown, here is everything you need to know about it.

Epic Details On The Touchdown

The touchdown is considered as scored immediately when the ball touches the side of the goal line. The criteria of touchdown in the American football game is quite different than other games. Other games consider a point as scored when the ball is moved into the goal. However, under the American football game, a touchdown is usually scored by the offense team. They run or pass the football as well as score points against their opponents.

History Of TheTouchdown

Initially, the rules for the American football game were written down by the Intercollegiate Football Association during 1876. In those days, this was worth 1/4 of a kicked goal. It also allows the opponent team an opportunity to kick the football as well as make a goal by placekick or dropkick method. If the team member manages to catch the ball, he gets the chance to goal or else continues the game normally.

Earlier Rules

Epic Details On The Touchdown

This was done to try to touchdown the ball in a particular spot, which is more convenient to kick the ball. However, in case of a draw between the teams, a goal kicked from this will be given priority over four touchdowns.

The earlier rules of the American football game claimed that a goal would be considered as equal to four touchdowns.

Changes In Rules Of The Touchdown

  • In the year 1881, the rules of the American football game were modified. Now, a goal kicked from a touchdown will be given priority over the goal made by a player by kicking in the field. This will be valid only for tie-breaking situations.
  • In the year 1882, the rules were reversed. Now four touchdowns were given priority over a goal kicked from the playfield. Two safeties were given the worth.
  • In the year 1883, Points were a new introduction in the game. A touchdown added four points in the total score of the players. A goal made after this was allocated with two points.
  • In 1889, the ball no more needs to be touched to the ground. From now, a touchdown was scored by taking the ball in possession even after crossing the goal line.

More On Rules

  • In the year 1897, this was worth five points, and if a player makes a goal after the touchdown, it will add another point. So the rule brought an extra point term in the game.
  • In 1912, the touchdown got more value. Now, it is upgraded to six points. This trend is in effect till now. The end zone is the new addition.
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