Drew Brees Scar- The Truth Behind It

drew brees scar

What do you notice first when you check out NFL football player Drew Brees? The first thing that you will notice is the scar that he has on the right side of the page. Do you ever wonder what happened to his face? What is the secret behind this scar? Well, the truth is it is a very harmless birthmark that has been prevalent since the beginning. The doctor said that Brees should keep it and he himself is also comfortable with the same. Kid undergoes surgery but it is the scar that gives him the stereotypical Drew look. It is his trademark and he has been able to gain a lot of popularity with his playing skills.

Brief Overview

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Drew Brees is an American footballer who holds the position of quarterback for the New Orleans Saints in the National football league. Before that he used to play for the San Diego chargers from the year 2001-2005. The first time he stepped into the playground, Drew Brees who was seen with the scar and his fans and followers has been a huge fan.

He Was Born In That Way-Drew Brees Scar

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Drew Brees had the mark on his face right from the time when he was born. The doctors said that it was a harmless scar and therefore his parents did not undergo any medical procedure to remove it. It was just like any other normal birthmark that a child would have and there was no threat associated with it. Brees was just 3 years old when his parents talked about getting the birthmark removed surgically but the doctors were against it saying that there was no harm in keeping the mark. When he was in college, he was featured in Playboy’s All American team, and in that picture, there was no birthmark present because of the airbrushing effect. keeping and living with the birthmark, but other people seemed to have a lot of problems regarding the same.

An Array Of Awkward Moments

According to the player, it becomes pretty awkward when the first thing that people notice about him is the birthmark. Even in the talk show of Oprah Winfrey, the player was asked about his mark and also there was a question regarding whether someone had kissed him on the cheek. There are rumors that when the player used to dance with girls, most of them thought that the birthmark was a desert and tried to wipe it off. When it was getting too much attention Brees decided to undergo surgery and it did not remove the scar totally. But the major effect that it had was it could reduce the size of the scar.

Why Didn’t He Do Anything Earlier?-Drew Brees Scar

Most people have this question as to why the player did not do anything about it earlier. Well, he had no intention to remove the scar he was committed to keeping his birthmark intact.


Drew Brees remains one of the most popular figures of today and his scar has nothing to do with it. It is because of this gameplay and kind attitude that has been able to get so much reputation over the years.

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