Drew Brees Salary – How Much Does Drew Brees Make

drew brees salary

Drew Brees is currently earning a handsome salary as a professional athlete. A standout college and professional football player, he has established himself as one of the best paid players in the National Football League. Like many sports athletes, Brees does not rely solely on his on-field abilities; he relies on his ability to be an endorser of products he is involved in and as a marketer for those products. As a result of this he is able to earn a handsome salary that can potentially lead to substantial amounts of money down the road.

Ultimately Signed A Three Year Extension – Drew Brees Salary

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Injuries have kept Drew Brees from suiting up for the Saints in recent years. He underwent foot surgery prior to the 2021 season that kept him out for the entire year. Injuries also kept Brees out of the final year of his contract with the Saints, although he ultimately signed a three year extension. Even with the Saints’ lack of playoff appearances, Drew Brees has still managed to earn the Saints’ full 22 million signing bonus.

Now that Drew Brees has finally been given a new contract by the Saints, he has the opportunity to earn even more money. The signing bonus is only the beginning of Brees’s improved paycheck. Right now he is guaranteed to earn three more years at the age of 35. Now is the right time for Drew Brees to cash in. The next several seasons could see him earning a large amount of money. This is because of how contracts for quarterback players generally tend to span over multiple years.

How Much Money Does Drew Brees Currently Earn

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How much money does Drew Brees currently earn per year? We don’t know. All we know is that he is making the largest contract of any player in the NFL. His contract also includes a hefty signing bonus, which could make it even more lucrative down the road. Other contributing factors to Drew Brees’ high level of earnings include his excellent reputation as one of the top Quarterbacks in football. Also, many experts believe that the Saints will be able to contend for a Super Bowl in the near future.

Now that Drew Brees has secured his place among the top Quarterbacks in the NFL, what can he do to increase his earning potential? One of the best ways for Drew Brees to earn an increase in his NFL football earnings is by signing with an NFL Pro team. Many people think that the Super Bowl is just around the corner, which means that there is no better time for Drew Brees to sign with an NFL team and earn himself some additional NFL football salary.

Many People View NFL Quarterbacks

One way that many people view NFL Quarterbacks as well as other top athletes in the world to be successful in their sports careers is by signing endorsement deals. For example, if you want to be a professional basketball or baseball player, you need to be able to sign endorsement deals with popular companies in those sports. However, what if you want to be the next great NFL football quarterback? Well, you are going to have to do something spectacular in order to attract attention from teams and organizations in the National Football League and Major League Baseball. Drew Brees is one athlete who fits this mold, so what is it that makes Drew Brees worthy of such an extremely lucrative salary?

It all comes down to one simple phrase; “Net Worth – Amortization”. The term “net worth” simply means that the value of your stock is the amount by which your current salary and life insurance costs are less than your estimated net worth. When speaking of NFL salaries, many people often think that the quarterback’s paycheck represents the true value of a player. This is not entirely true because the value of a football player’s actual salary versus his actual net worth are actually much more than the initial reported salary. Now, if you think that the 80 million dollar deal that Tom Brady received was worth it, you clearly do not know what net worth truly means.

Last Words

Simply put, if you add up Tom Brady’s salary against the value of his football skills, his New Orleans contract would certainly still be considered as very valuable. In the case of Drew Brees, however, his new contract will be considered as even more valuable because his New Orleans contract will carry him into the future. If you add up Tom Brady’s deal against Drew Brees’ average per year and average salary, you will find that Brees actually has been rewarded for the excellent statistical excellence that he has shown throughout his career. Therefore, the question of how much Drew Brees actually makes should be quite easy to answer when you consider all of the above facts.

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