Drew Brees Contract Details

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Drew Brees contract details The New Orleans Saints quarterback signed a six-year, $123 million contract extension this past offseason. It included a large signing bonus and a large salary that were more than the team was expected to spend on a starting quarterback. Drew Brees signed the contract as if he was the next Tom Brady.

Drew Brees contract details Brees is now set to be an unrestricted free agent at the end of the new league year. That means he could sign with another team and immediately become a starter in New Orleans. If the New Orleans Saints is able to trade him to another team, they will owe the draft pick compensation. They also have the option of waiting one more day before matching the offer sheet. They have yet to do that with the NFL Trade deadline still three weeks away.

All About Drew Brees’ Contract 

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Drew Brees’ contract details New Orleans is not allowed to exceed its salary cap in any way when it comes to Drew Brees. This includes any possible trades. Even if the New Orleans Saints is unable to re-sign Brees, the team can still make moves to clear salary cap room by releasing players or using salary cap space to acquire another player. In the event that the New Orleans Saints decides to sign a player such as quarterback Kirk Cousins, he will have to be paid more money than normal because he has already played a majority of the snaps in the offense. The same is true if the Saints trade a player such as linebacker Curtis Lofton to a different team.

Drew Brees’ contract details Brees has the most guaranteed money in his contract because he plays his entire career with the Saints. He receives a large signing bonus from the club that signs him, but the rest of the contract remains subject to his control. A portion of the money in the contract is made available in cash, while the rest of the money is based on game action and other factors. The Saints can also trade him to a new team, but he would have to pay a hefty transfer fee.

Contract Details 

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Drew Brees’ contract details The amount of money Drew Brees is entitled to earn through incentives in the contract is dependent on whether or not he has a breakout year. during his time with the Saints. Every team wants a consistent quarterback who is reliable in the pocket and can make plays down the field. The Saints also have a good history with quarterbacks that have great games because of late such as Tom Brady and Kurt Warner.

Drew Brees’ Contract Deals

Drew Brees’ contract details Brees signed a seven-year, $125 million contract as an unrestricted free agent prior to this past season. He also received a five-year, $60 million contract extension from the Saints shortly before he was drafted out of LSU. Brees has one more year left on his contract and a large signing bonus to look forward to, which will increase his earnings significantly if he performs well in his final year as a professional.

Drew Brees’ contract details New Orleans is also limited on how much it can spend in the NFL Draft due to the fact it has yet to win any championships. If the team were to lose in the playoffs, the team will owe draft picks to the other teams in its division. A high draft pick is needed in order to move up in the draft.


Drew Brees’ contract details Drew Brees is set to be an unrestricted free agent at the end of this upcoming season and will be in the driver’s seat to negotiate a new contract with the New Orleans Saints in the near future. The question is whether he will be as effective as he is in his current contract? With the amount of money he is earning, a large signing bonus, and being able to dictate the amount of money the Saints can spend in the draft, the answer is no. Drew Brees may very well walk away as a New Orleans Saint after this season, but at least he knows that there are many teams waiting for his service and the chance to win another Super Bowl championship.

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