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DDA: Drawers of the Deirdre and Breese are two of the most respected and admired names in Irish tattoo art. It is no surprise that they have been chosen to immortalize one of the most important periods in Ireland’s history, the Celtic Tiger period. They have been named in the book of the same name as one of the most important art periods in Celtic art and are known as DDA or Drowned Dogs in North America.

David Brees News

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There seems, however, that there is little love for the name. This may perhaps be related to the fact that Drawers of the Deirdre was the first tattoo studio established in Cork, Ireland. This was towards the end of the thirteenth century before many other tattoo parlors had been set up elsewhere in Ireland. Many of the older, established tattooists were from Dublin, and it was, therefore, natural that one of their most talented artists would eventually set up a shop in the town. DDA did indeed live up to its reputation, drawing in a number of well-known tattooists, including David Blundy and Donorman Murphy.

It was Donorman Murphy who would come up with the name DDA, although he preferred to use the term Drawers of the Dead. It must have been a nickname or a shortened version of the real name of the studio, which was Drowned Dogs. Either way, Donorman’s studio became famous very quickly, and he drew almost exclusively from this group. His artwork from this era remains some of the best in existence.

In addition to DDA, Brees had drawn a book entitled The Fighting Dogs of the IRA. He would also travel extensively to Cork and teach there. It was while living in Cork that he met Fergal Kelly, who would become one of the leading Irish tattoo artists of the period. Brees was, in fact, a very important link in the progression of modern tattooing. It is thought that Fergal Kelly based much of his work on the works of David Brees.

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Brees went on to illustrate for several other well-known artists, including Gunnarried, Donorman Murphy, and John Flood. It was also in Cork, where he met fellow tattoo artist David Clough. He introduced Brees to IRA artist Joe Bennett, who would go on to become one of the world’s leading tattooists after reading Brees’s books. Clough would introduce Brees to IRA hunger strike leader Des Marci and even his mistress, Bridget Moynahan. These women would play an important role in Brees’s life, as he would draw a series of images for the IRA hunger strike.

It was in this period of his life that he began to exhibit at the Cork Gallery. When he joined forces with Desiderio Barrientos, it opened up a whole new vista of work for him. The Combatives of IRA was one of the first exhibitions of modern art that he put together. He would take various IRA-inspired images and create sculptures out of them. In this series of works entitled IRA Crucibles, he would incorporate religious imagery, portraits, and still, life’s into the piece. His style was more modern, having strong influences of surrealism and cubism.

As he settled into his new home in Newquay, Brees found that he had a ready audience for his art. This is because of the many immigrants that had settled in nearby counties such as Cork and Galway and were drawn by the new life that he gave to each of them. Brees’s works often portray scenes from Ireland in a contemporary light, showing Ireland as it really is. They are often a colorful and vibrant presentation of Ireland at its best.

Bottom Line

After living in Ireland for the better part of twenty years, Brees decided that he wanted to produce a collection that showed all aspects of his art and would hence, be named The Drawings of David Brees. Brees began producing this book in 1998 and has so far produced twelve volumes. The book features drawings and portraits of people across the globe that he has met on his travels. The book has been especially popular with children as they have learned about many of the places featured in the book from his work.

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