Best NFL Draft Team Grades For The 2021 NFL Draft

nfl draft team grades

If you like the NFL and are looking forward to getting an in-depth analysis of who will be the top players taken in this year’s draft, you can find it all at NFL draft team grades. There is plenty of information on who will be the best player available at each position. Who will make the best teams? Will individual players fall into a specific category? We will answer these questions and many more as we go through this year’s draft.

Quarterback TY Detmer

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The first player we will look at is quarterback Ty Detmer out of Western Michigan. He is listed as the number three overall prospect and the third signal-caller on the team. Here are the picks following that, along with the overall NFL draft rankings.

First Round

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At the very least, this is a pick that will not be taken until the middle of the first round. That is where the wide receiver position comes in. OSU’s Braxton Siemian may end up being the favorite, but don’t forget about senior receiver Braylon Edwards. He will be competing with rookies Braxton Kruger and Rashard Lewis for the starting job. The OSU defense has been upgrading their defensive units all offseason, and there is no doubt that Edwards could be one of the premier wide receivers in college football this season.

Second Round

This is a pretty easy pick, even if you don’t consider the quarterback position to be so difficult. I have Braxton Kubukan listed here but don’t let that fool you. It is the offensive line depth that really matters here. The first two prospects, guard David Irving and Chris Carr (the son of former Texas Tech coach Chuck Carr), will compete for the right tackle position. The three stars of OSU football, all first or second-round caliber, are quarterback Jake Waters, running back Thomas Rawls, and new offensive line prospect Jamaal Westerman.

Third Round

This is where the real action happens. There are four prospects here that will have to go through evaluations and interviews in front of coaches and scouts from the Big Ten, including Michigan State’s Patrick Chapin and Wisconsin’s Ryan Connelly. They will have to prove themselves to the NFL scouts. Both these offensive tackles and potential star offensive guard Jordanaires Brooks could be the best player or two on the field as far as talent is concerned. There is a perfect chance that either one of these offensive tackles could end up being the overall number one pick in the 2021 draft.

Fourth Round

After going through the first two rounds, it is time to get down to the third round. This is when to start thinking about whether or not Teddy Bridgewater should or shouldn’t be the quarterback chosen with the first overall pick. These third-round NFL draft picks have the best opportunity to succeed beyond this season when players can still find work in the league. If a quarterback fails to impress in this rookie seasoning phase, he will have little to no chance to succeed beyond his rookie contract. Therefore, the NFL draft is one of the most crucial in franchise-building for any franchise.

Fifth Round

Now that the NFL draft is over and the new coaching staff has been hired, it’s time to start thinking about the future of both the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and their young quarterback, as well as that of the entire franchise. The new regime is very much intrigued by the idea of using a running style of offense. It has become a staple in some of the most excellent run defenses of recent history, including the Dallas Cowboys and New Orleans Saints. If the new regime moves forward with this philosophy, then they have found one of the best chances for long term success in the NFL draft.

Summing Up

So what does this all translate into for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers? They have the number one overall pick in the 2021 NFL draft, and they need to make sure that they take the best player available. They also need to select someone in a position of strength. They would love to add a receiver and a young quarterback to their burgeoning young core of passers. Once again, this is where the off-season ends, and the NFL draft begins.

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