All you need to know about Drew Brees Birthmark

drew brees birthmark

Drew Brees has contributed a lot of good things since being in the National Football League. He has won a super bowl along with making multiple records. Single handedly he turned around the New Orleans Saints Franchise. With all these positive contributions that Brees has brought during his National Football league, there is still one question which is being asked frequently.

What is the scar on Drew Brees face?

The mark on Brees cheeks is not a scar but a birthmark. When Brees was a youngster, the mark used to bring a lot of cruel questions to him. Throughout his childhood, kids used to comment about it. Upon his success, Brees started speaking about the mark on his face.

Drew Brees’ scar on the face is not actually a scar:

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On the upper part of Drew Brees’ right cheek, there appears a scar. That’s not what it looks like. Since Brees was born he has that mark, a birthmark. The bullies who ridiculed him growing up over his birthmark were dealt with the Saints quarterback. Brees came to recognize his birthmark as a part of him with time. In an interview on CNN the topic of his birthmark was brought up. As a child he was bullied and ridiculed because of his birthmark, told Brees to CNN. Brees knew he was born with a birthmark and cannot do anything about it. Brees told CNN that the bullies nicknamed him spot and used to tell him to wipe out whatever he had on his cheeks. Brees also told that he felt as if the kids were being hurtful towards him. Brees took a stand against his bullies in 2010 in an interview with NCB sports.

His works and message against the bullies:

At Purdue when Brees grew into a college star and then a commencing NFL quarterback for the Chargers and Saints, he began to believe that he could bring a change. Drew Brees started speaking about his birthmark and torment based on his past experiences. Brees did an advertisement on television, speaking about the volumes to individuals who were being bullied. Brees in 2010 said in an interview that making fun of someone just because they are different from others does not make anybody look tough rather they look ignorant. He also said he wants his friends to know that if any of his fans ever made fun of anybody then that person will never be his friend. He just wanted to assure his fans and the victims that he was standing behind them in support of standing against bullies.

Allegiance to Brees:

Some fans wore stickers of his birthmark to show their allegiance to him.

Wrapping up:

Instead of seeking it as a bad thing he chose to see it as something that made him look unique and special and he recognised it as a part of him.

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