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Adam Vinatieri signature golf clubs are a fine line of products for sale, which have been designed and created by the very talented golfer, Adam Vinatieri. He has been playing the game of golf since he was a small child, and it has given him an enthusiasm for the game that he still carries to this day. This is evident in the way he plays the game, as he loves to make a high score, but never loses sight of the fact that it is always important to play well above the minimum. This spirit has been instilled into his clubs, and in his attire as well.

An Overview

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The Adam Vinatieri Signature Callaway is one such club. It is a full size golf club, with an attractive grip. The club head is square, yet more aggressive than the Titleist DTX. The Callaway has a medium loft, which will get you up in the air easily, but not so easy that you will find yourself getting cocky and swinging wildly. The Signature is the proper length for someone who is not overly tall or short.

One thing that is distinct about the Adam Vinatieri Signature Callaway is that it features an “open face”. What does this mean? Open faced clubs are designed so that your hands can move freely throughout the club, instead of being locked in tight when your club face is open. When your hands are free, it makes it easier to manipulate the club head. There is more distance with a closed face club, but they are not designed for great distances.

Best Features 

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Another feature that makes the Adam Vinatieri Signature Callaway special is the presence of an “inclined cavity”. This cavity directs the hitting force into a spot that is more accurate than if it were directed into a more open area. The cavity places the force in a more precise location. In turn, this reduces the chance of slicing the ball and causing undesirable impact marks on the fairway.

These clubs are very popular among golfers who are looking for extra distance. They are especially useful for players who have short hands. These are especially effective for hitting a couple of golf balls with little effort, as well as for advanced players who are trying to improve their chipping and pitching scores.

All of these clubs come in the Driver, which measures a minimum of fifteen inches from the grip to the head. This is one of the largest drivers that can be used for long distance drives. The Titleist Tour Preferred is another option, which measures a minimum of fifteen inches from the grip to the head. For drivers, these two clubs are the minimum size. For putters, the maximum measurement is twenty-five inches, but these are only used in tournaments and for professional golfers who can afford them.

Final Tip 

If you are looking for drivers, the Vardon Tour Preferred should be considered, as well as the Titleist BT-2. For putters, the maximum is thirty inches, but these are used only in tournaments and for professionals who can afford them. You can also get a fifteen inch Vardon Tour Preferred putter, but it is not recommended for beginners.


It is important to note, however, that all of these clubs have a three year limited warranty. This warranty will cover anything that may happen to your clubs while they are being used by you or if you are renting them. Before you buy anything, however, be sure to try each club at your target club and in the hands for a few practice shots.

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