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Adam Vinatieri Records

The Adam Vinatieri Records have made him the greatest kicker in the National Football League history. These records are very impressive, but these records were not made overnight. He has proved his abilities all over again and played with two teams to achieve his present position. He is one of the most cherished players in the field of football. He is seen as an inspiration by the enthusiast footballer. He is the role model for people who want to get in the same field. His techniques are studied by dozens to unlock the secret to his excellent performance. His records speak for his performance and what he has achieved in his long career in football.

Adam Vinatieri Records – Background

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The Adam Vinatieri Records were built in his career with the two teams. Earlier, he was with the New England Patriots, where he was from the year 1996 to 2006. Later, he joined the Indianapolis Colts in the year 2006 and is still with them. He has converted 319-of-369 field goal attempts since joining the Indianapolis Colts, equivalent to 86.4 percent field goals. In addition to this, he has converted 485-of-496 PATs, which is equivalent to 97.8 percent for 1,442 points.

Adam Vinatieri Records

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The Adam Vinatieri Records includes many regular as well as postseason records. He holds Colt’s franchise record for points scored for both the field goals and extra points. He is ranked in 12th position in all-time for his 84.3 career field goal percentage. The records that gets highlighted above all other records of Adan Vinatieri is the record of having the most career regular-season wins. He is the single-player to have this in the history of the league.

Adam Vinatieri Achievements

The Adam Vinatieri Records makes him stand out from the crowd. He has a lot of achievements in his field. He is the only player in the history of the league to make at least 250 field goals. In addition to this, he is the only player in the league to record 1,000 points with two franchises. He is the fourth player who played in an NFL game despite being 46 years or older. He is the second player in history to appear in a playoff game at 46 years or older.

The achievements have been listed out here and the records not being constant is quite the inspiration for many football fans. The records are to inspire the newbies and it is important to learn about NFL history.


The Adam Vinatieri Records are not constant. There are lots of records made by him in his career. There are yet some achievements that are yet to be achieved by him. Some of the achievements are passing the other player for the most career field goals attempts in the NFL’s history, which can be achieved with 20 field goal attempts. Similarly, the third-most made field goals in the NFL history can be achieved by nine converted field goals from 30-39 yards. He keeps breaking old records and sets new records.

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