Adam Vinatieri Patriotic Pals Review

adam vinatieri patriots

Adam Vinatieri plays the title role in patriots. One of America’s favorite actors, Adam, turns out to be a twist in this movie. Instead of playing the part of an American hero, he instead becomes the villain. And you thought he was good at his job as a real-life hero. He also proves to be an idiot in this one. The film itself is about two American heroes seeking out vengeance on those who have wronged them in the name of freedom and country. John Fox is the main character, a well-meaning but not very intelligent cop, and Bobby Engstrom is the more dangerous of the two. However, they team up together to take down a group of terrorists.

The Beginning Of Movie

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The movie starts with the death of a member of the group. This sets off a chain of events that leads them right back into duty. What is so great about this movie is that the events that take place are true to life. After the attack on the consulate, the two detectives, Fox and Engstrom, go off to the attack site to find out what happened there. The two detectives spend a lot of time interrogating a badly injured suspect. Eventually, they learn that the terrorist had a stash of money hidden in his shoes. This allows the team to find out exactly where the money came from and uncover the terrorist plot.

The Role Of Fox

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Adam Vinatieri does a terrific job of playing the part of Fox. He does not try to act like a regular cop, and he tries to be this lovable rogue. I do not know if it was because of the role that he was given or the part that he performed, but the man is one of the best I have seen in quite some time. I think that his British accent comes across very strongly in this movie.

Bobby Voll

As for Bobby Voll, I think he did an excellent job of playing the part of Paul Kersey. Voll has more than enough talent to play a character that takes all of his given roles. He does a great job of taking care of himself and trying to be the most well-liked agent in the business. In the movie, he even has a shortcoming when he starts to get a little too friendly with the locals.

Was It A Bit Slow In The End?

In the end, I thought the movie went a bit slow at times. The pacing could use a few more tweaks, and I felt that the supporting cast did not do enough to help carry the story. That being said, I still think that the Patriotic Party is a hilarious movie. I always love when movies try to make political statements and are funny at the same time. Overall, Adam Vinatieri and the Patriotic Party is an entertaining movie that you would recommend. I hope that you will see the film. I guarantee that you will not be disappointed. It is one of those movies that you will look forward to seeing each night.

What Exactly Happened In This Movie?

We begin at the First National Bank of Trades in Depression. It is controlled by an evil businessman named Nelson Kefauver (EDGAR Ventura). Kefauver enlists the aid of some new businessmen who like him to start a new business in the area. They call it Bank of Trust and Lend. B of T and Lend soon become partners and form a partnership.

B of T and Lend soon learn that Tradesmen for Trust and Lend had formed a spy ring. They figure out that these traitors are working for a group of bankers that control B of T and want to take control of the partnership’s assets. They devise a plan to foil the bank’s strategy. Adam Vinatieri then joins the team. I found the acting excellent, and the writing was decent, although the ending could use some work.

In Conclusion

The patriotic theme is present throughout the movie. Adam gets to carry out his duty to defend America while also helping the poor and oppressed. He even gets to rescue the flag that has been damaged during an airplane crash.

Overall, I thought this was an excellent movie. Some of the story elements do not hold your hand too tightly, but Adam’s acting and sense of humor keep the story moving along. I would recommend Adam Vinatieri Patriotic Pals to any American male and female over the age of eighteen. Make sure you rent the video. You do not have to go to war with your brother if you are unwilling to watch it.

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