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One of the things that set Adam Vinatieri apart from all other kickboxers is his ability to convert from a wrestler to an NBA guard. This decision was born out of a simple incident during his high school wrestling career. He would dunk, but he often got blocked by larger, stronger opponents. So, he worked on his footwork, and that resulted in him being able to dunk better. This led him to be invited to the University of Michigan, where he would play two years there and become an All American.

An Overview

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Once at the University, he found a way to combine his improved footwork with a powerful kicking technique. He named it “Vin Diesel.” Vin Diesel is simply another form of the old technique known as “shooting in the legs,” which had been around for decades. This technique was simply a way to get an opponent off-balance and to keep them from blocking. Basically, it was a way to kick his legs really hard, with the idea being that if he could knock someone’s legs out of their rhythm they would be unable to defend against the kicks coming to them. Because of this, they were easy to block.

For example, a big guy could block a kick aimed at the groin, but a strong little guy like Vin Diesel couldn’t do much to him. He would simply run up and execute a haymaker on him from the top. If the block wasn’t perfect, he might just execute a spinning back elbow. Sometimes, he would even use his legs to spring an overhead slam dunk. It was all about timing.


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These days, it seems that the best wrestlers on the planet are doing it the right way. In fact, Diesel is one of the favorites in the ring now. He uses his legs as much as possible. He won the U.S. Olympic team’s heavyweight division last year, beating out the likes of Antonio knees, Shawn Kovacic, androadblocker Luke below the belt.

Adam Vinatieri is using this exact same strategy. He is able to do well in matches because he knows how to use his kicks. That is why he is one of the more dangerous wrestlers in the sport. He is an expert at what is known as the shoving technique. This technique involves shoving an opponent against the wall and shoving him away from you. You can get away with this kind of tactic when you are in the United States, but it is illegal elsewhere in the world.

The Best Technique

The shoving technique is done in other places in the world, though. It is done in Japan and in Brazil. A street fighter in Japan might shoving an opponent to the ground and then stomp on them hard. If he could learn the technique in the United States, he could be in for some serious trouble. An American citizen that did not graduate from high school has definitely shown no ability to handle an actual street fight.

One of the most interesting things about Adam Vinatieri is that he uses his kicks so much. He kicks with both his feet. He also kicks while standing. He even does a spinning back kick off the top of a jumping knee.


The thing about Adam Vinatieri’s technique is that it really works. He uses it to surprise his opponents and to pressure them into making mistakes. He gets his points through knees, elbows, shoving, and stomping. He might have had a lot more power if he used his feet more. It is strange that he is not taught this type of kicking in wrestling, although it worked for him in street fighting.

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