Adam Vinatieri Contract History and Current Status

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Athletes are considered to be huge superstars these days. American Football is one of the most followed sports in the world, and professional players of this sport are nothing less than celebrities. Being a celebrity comes with its pros and cons. You may always find some rumors about you flying around, and you can bid farewell to your privacy as people and journalists are always trying to spy into our life and trying to find out what you are up to. Adam Vinatieri is one such sports celebrity who is a big name in American Football. He is known to be the best kickers in the history of the sport, and he is NFL’s all-time leading scorer. Let’s take a look at the current situation of Adam Vinatieri’s contract.

Bio – Adam Vinatieri Contract 

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Adam Vinatieri was born on 28th December 1972 in South Dakota, United States. As a child, he was not really sharp in studies, and sports and outdoor activities always attracted him. He participated in football, wrestling, soccer, and track during high school but found his passion leaning towards football.  After graduating from the high school, he actually started college at South Dakota State University, where he played football as the placekicker and became the university’s all-time run-scorer, and won many medals and laurels at his graduation ceremony. It was after then that he thought to pursue football as a career.

Previous Adam Vinatieri Contract

New England Patriots

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 Adam Vinatieri started his career with Amsterdam Admirals but soon moved on to New England Patriots, where he played for 10 years. During this period, he played in 4 super-bowls and won 3 titles. He finished his ten seasons with the Patriots as their all-time leading run-scorer.

Indianapolis Colts

Adam Vinatieri’s contract with the Indianapolis Colts was signed in 2006. He played for the Colts till 2019. This tenure was filled with new records for Adam. He remained out of action mostly during the 2009 season due to injuries and surgeries, but he got back in form during the 2010 season, and that was one of the best seasons of his career. But the 2018 season was by far the best one of his career, where he set many records. The latest season of his career in 2019 didn’t go as well as the previous ones.

Adam Vinatieri Contract Current Status

Adam Vinatieri is currently the oldest playing NFL player. The legendary kicker hasn’t said anything about ending his career yet, as it seems he is eager to play his 25th season. He signed a one-year contract for the extension with the Indianapolis Colts in 2019, which expired. He is not playing for any time right now and is currently a free agent. He has no intention of ending his career, but it seems he might not be able to end his career on his own terms.


Adam Vinatieri’s contract is currently expired, and he is not playing for any time right now. But this doesn’t change the fact that he is one the greatest kickers to ever grace the game.   

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