Adam Vinatieri Career Earnings in 2020

Adam Vinatieri Career Earnings

Having played for 24 seasons of the National Football League (NFL) and with his exceptional skills, it’s no wonder Adam Vinatieri is considered the most outstanding placekicker in the history of the NFL.

With a total record of 2,763 points in the NFL, Vinatieri holds the most number of scores by a kicker. He also has the most number of field goals made, totaling to 599. Vinatieri also holds the record for the most postseason points at 238.

Vinatieri’s professional career

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Vinatieri launched his American football career in 1995, where he received a tryout for the NFL Europe, which was then known as the World League of American Football. He played for the Amsterdam Admirals as a placekicker.

He eventually joined the New England Patriots in 1996, where he witnessed three Super Bowls. He later joined the Indianapolis Colts in 2006. In the same year, the Colts reached the Super Bowl, where it defeated Vinatieri’s previous group, the Patriots.

As of present, Vinatieri is still with the Colts and playing in the NFL. The previous season, however, witnessed his worst games in his whole career. He underwent a knee surgery, which forced the Colts to put him injured reserve. His total percentage for a field goal in the previous season is 68%. He was 46, making him the third-oldest player who played in a season in NFL.

Career earnings

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For the season 1996-1997, Vinatieri received an average salary of $155,000 and a $1,000 signing bonus. The salary was increased to in the succeeding years to $238,000 and $833,333. He also received a signing bonus worth $900,000 from the seasons of 1999-2001.

For the years 2002 until 2004, Vinatieri received an average salary of $1,791,667, which was later increased to $2,509,000.

He transferred to the Colts in 2006. He received a signing bonus worth $3,600,000 and an average salary of $2,400,000. His salary increased in 2011 to $3,066,667 as he renewed his contract for $3,600,000.

In 2014-2015, his salary decreased to $2,500,000. It increased once again in season 2016-2017 to $3,000,000. For 2018, he received an average salary of $3,625,000.

According to his current contract, Vinatieri has a career earning of $3,875,000 as his annual average salary.

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