A Look at Redd Brees’ Home Town, Alabama

drew brees hometown

Dred Breese was an All-American basketball player for the University of Alabama, going undefeated during his four years as a starter. He was an All-SEC first team as a senior and also started for the national team during the 1996 World Cup. He is now an author, motivational speaker and works with youth and teaching them to have courage. Below, you will find some of D Redd Brees’ favorite things, listed in reverse order (closest to the left).

When he goes somewhere, he likes to walk-or bike-it helps him get wind, get hydrated, and gives him a good workout. He’s an avid hunter, so he brings a huge crossbow with him to go on hunting trips. He enjoys riding his motorcycle and searching for things so he can photograph them. He enjoys listening to music, watching television, and reading.

Drew Brees Hometown

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D Redd Brees loves the Alabama teams, and the Crimson Tide is his all-time favorite. He has also become very interested in the teams since he was a kid. He has his own jersey made by the university and has even had the ball design made for him. He was a fan, at least as a child, and grew up rooting for Tuscaloosa. He attended the national championship game there.

D Redd has always been interested in cars and automobiles. Growing up, he had a tiny push car that traveled from home to school and back. He didn’t have any friends who could drive, and he always felt bad about himself because he was the only black kid in the neighborhood. He always wanted to make something of himself, like with his drawing. He also had a dream of owning his own car someday.

Drew Brees: Growing Up

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When he grew up in Birmingham, Alabama, he started drawing and putting things down on paper. It wasn’t long before he moved on to more sophisticated mediums. He began to paint and sketch. When he went to high school, his art teacher encouraged him to take a drawing class. It turned out he loved it and wanted to pursue it further. He liked the challenges that would present and the feedback he would get from other artists.

He enrolled in a couple of art classes and then transferred to the college of Art and Design in Alabama. He graduated in 1990. During the first few months at the school, he met and started working with Keith Geddes. Geddes is one of the most respected cartoonists and illustrators of our time. Redd moved in with Geddes and worked on several of his projects while also drawing and painting. This experience was invaluable to him when he later went to college and pursued illustration degrees with the help of mentors like Bill Moore.

There are many people in the world who could learn a lot from Redd. If he only focused on drawing, he might still be doing what he is today. However, he has given so much to our culture that he deserves all of the success he has. His artwork is inspiring and appealing. People from all over the world come to see his work because they really want to learn how to draw.

Bottom Line

Brees has done a lot to brighten not only his own life but also the lives of others like him in Redd’s Home Town, Alabama. He is extremely proud of the town he has to call home and would do anything to help. He realizes that if everyone just took a little time learning to draw, the town would thrive. He wants to make sure that all of his efforts are not wasted, and he wants to show others the great art he can produce.

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